Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dustin' off the deck

Seems hard to believe this was the last official day of winter!  The day has been beautiful, from the first rays of sunshine that greeted me this morning, to the soft melodies of our chimes swaying in the twilight.  Our day has been a bit lazy, a bit busy, some time spent lingering and some being productive, all amounting to one great Saturday.

I woke long before anyone else in the house and decided to have some quality me time this morning.  No chores, no distractions, just me and nature.  Even still a bit chilly with the wind, I decided to have my coffee on the deck and watch the sunrise.  I giggled a bit inside thinking about all the months ahead that we will get to enjoy our favorite "room" in the house.  As I pulled a chair cushion out of the storage bench, thoughts of springtime filled my mind.

Wrapped in a blanket, cool breeze drifting by, I leaned my head back and let the sun warm my face.  Sweet songbirds sang the world awake.  By the time I finished my creamy cup of coffee, the hot tub called out for me, as it looked like the perfect place to welcome the day.  We usually enjoy the tub at night, with a sky full of stars, but I found it just as peaceful and beautiful in the morning light.  It was wonderful to just sit and be.  I cleared my mind and enjoyed the start of this day, watching the sun play peek-a-boo from the cloud-filled sky.

Hours later when the sleepy men decided to start their day, I noticed they quickly ended up on the deck as well.  Tim holding a cup of coffee and Noah holding Patch, they played a game trying to find letters in the shadows the sun was casting onto the wood.  Throughout the morning, it seemed that in between whatever we were doing, any down time was spent in our outside room.  I even decided to pull out all the houseplants and let them enjoy the deck, the sunshine and a nice shower provided by the garden hose.

Errands ran and lists checked, we ended our day back on the deck watching Noah ride, who pulled out his dirt bike for the start of the season.  As the curtain began to fall on the day, we noticed a hush from the birds who must be snuggled into the nests by now.  With their cue, the rope lights softly switched on around the deck, a perfect ending to a perfectly simple day.


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