Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Squish Kiss!

When Noah was a baby, Tim and I created the "squish kiss" and have carried it through with him all these years.  Basically, we just get on either side of his face and plant a big squishy kiss on his cheek.  As a baby, he'd laugh hysterically whenever we'd do it.  Around the age of five, he began to get annoyed with, saying very over dramatically, "You're squeezing my face off!" 

Now that he's nearly bigger than both us, it is rare we get to do it.  Normally he's sees us coming and will duck to make us kiss each other or push us away with those Hulk-like hands of his.  Most days we figure it is too dangerous to risk it!  About the only time we do get away with it is when he jumps into the middle of the bed with us - and he becomes trapped.

This afternoon, Patch was overly excited to see Noah and made some weird parrot-like growl/bark/noise.  Noah picked him in one hand with a quick swoop and proceeded to give me a hug with the other, laughing.  I kissed him on the cheek and noticed that Patch followed suit, with a big sloppy lick.  Immediately the thought of the squish kiss entered my head and I yelled it out, as if Patch knew the what the heck that meant.  To my surprise, he copied again and Noah was left with a scrunched up face, half of it wet from the dog, and we were both rolling with laughter.

It lasted less than a minute but was the best moment of my day.  Squishy, sloppy, loving joy!

the only known photo of the kiss, as you can see from his didn't end well!


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