Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Showers

I love spring...rainy nights, vibrant green grass, cool breezes, singing birds in budding trees.
In fact, it's my favorite season now, although it didn't used to be. 
I find hope in spring. 
A renewed spirit in watching the earth come awake. 
A peaceful connection.

As I smiled with each daffodil that I passed on the way home today, I was flooded with memories.
I went back to Austin's blog and searched for the word "daffodil" finding these two posts. 
It amazes me this will be our third spring without him. 
Thinking about that too heavily can spiral me right down into a winter fog if I let it. 
Instead, I realize that each tear is much like a spring shower, and is part of the season.

Reading these two posts reminds me of our sweet boy but also shows me how far we've come in beginning to heal.  The hole in our heart will never go away, just maybe a bit smaller with time and less raw.  Perhaps, if anything, it's just a choice we make in looking for the sunshine instead of the clouds, knowing that is what he would have wanted.



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