Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun: Workout gone bad!

Normally my posts are a reflection of something in my day that brought me joy.  This blog is where I pause to remember, record and share them with you.  Today I thought I'd try something new.  Being Friday, which always calls for a good mood enhancer, I decided I'd flip the tables and bring you a bit of my expense.

Tim's in the final stretch of the "HealthQuest" he's been doing for a challenge at work. Fingers crossed, he may take the win! Aside from dropping more than twenty pounds, I'm most proud of how willing he has been on trying new things. Vegetables are now in his vocabulary!  Being as competitive as I am, I had to jump in there and take the challenge too. When I'm cooking healthier meals anyway, (with no complaints from the family - yeah!) it hasn't been that difficult that to do this time.

In the past, I would go head first, gung ho, 120% into a "diet" and within weeks, I'd be frustrated at lack of results or already bored and would back away.  This time, I decided to do things in steps.  They say it takes 30 days to make a habit so that has been my goal.  Something must be working because as of this morning, I'm down 25 lbs (not too bad in 50 days time)!  No pills, no fads, just the basics - and for once, I'm seeing real results.

In thinking about failed diets and workouts I'd done in the past, a funny story came to back me.....

I don't remember how old I was (guessing 11-13) but my best friend invited me along on a family trip with her.  We were staying with her aunt at some type of resort that had a gym.  The gym is really the only details of the trip I remember and you'll soon know why!

I'm guessing we really were around my estimated age because I recall signs hanging everywhere that warned not to use the equipment unless you were over 16.  Well, of course my bff and I thought we were 16 and looked every bit of it, so we jumped in without considering the consequences.  Above each piece of machinery was a sign that also listed the steps or instructions on how to use it.  Really, you wouldn't think that the average piece of workout equipment needed much explanation.  So, as you might already see a theme - we didn't read them. 

One machine was the ridiculous fad of a big belt that basically you strapped to your butt, turned it on and let it shake.  I'm not quite sure who invented this or what they promised would happen but lose inches we did not.  Lose our dignity, yep.  Just imagine two teenagers trying to stick their rears out enough to give the belt something to shake around and to keep their footing in the process.  By the end of the timed exercise, we were both laughing so hard we thought we'd probably be kicked out.

It was at this point, I moved to what I felt was a safer option.  It was just a benchlike cushion that instructed you to lie across and turn on.  I still don't know what I did wrong but for the next five minutes (or what seemed an eternity to me) I was stuck on a nightmare-theme park ride-from hell.  Simultaneously, the top and bottom of the bench came apart and swung in opposite directions.  Picture a scared girl flailing helplessly as her arms and torso flung left and her legs and rear flung right.  I felt like a human windshield wiper!  Add to it that my best friend was a mixture of peeing her pants and passing out from the extreme laughter.  Afterwards, she described my face during the session and that alone would send us into fits of giggles. 

Even to this day, I can hardly write out the experience due to laughing so hard.  I'm sure you're joining in now by this point.  You're welcome.  To be honest, I don't remember how the day ended or anything else we did that day.  I just know I steered clear from any type of gym for years.  It's probably why I avoid them at all costs even today. 


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