Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm a big kid now!

That title is kind of understatement when you see my eleven year old son.  He actually could easily pass for a teenager, already eye level with me.  With broad shoulders and a stocky build, it is no wonder he was given the nickname "Brickwall" in basketball!  Because of his size and the fact that he's still growing, we decided his bunk beds would have to go.

I didn't see much sense in going with a twin, as that's really just a single version of a bunk bed, and a full truly isn't that much bigger.  Since we had a spare set of queen mattresses, we were on the search for a queen bed fit for a king!  The task wasn't easy, as it had to pass a vote by both me and Noah.  (We just let Tim think he had a say.)

For weeks we've searched online, asked around, and shopped in many, many stores.  One day this week, I popped into one of the contender shops, hoping they might have a new selection, when voil√† - I found it!  As soon as Noah was out of school, I brought him back, hoping he'd love it the instant he saw it, just as I did.

Noah's top choice had been a leather bed, mine a wood frame.  I was concerned that over time he'd scratch a leather bed and it would be difficult to repair.  He didn't want just an ordinary, plain Jane wooden bed though.  His counter had actually been a sleigh bed but with the size of his room I feared it would look like an oversized Christmas display.  This bed was a wooden frame but not too large and had leather padded squares for the headboard.  It fit his "cool" standard but was sturdy and the style was nice to enough to last over the course of several years.

When we walked into the store, I didn't tell him which bed because I wanted to see what he'd naturally choose.  To my delight, his mouth dropped open, eyes became wide as saucers, and with a shrill to his voice he said, "Mom!  This is it!"  And then, just like my sweet boy, his eyes instantly went to the price tag for a check saying, "Great!  It's under our budget!" 

He was overjoyed Thursday night to see it up and ready in his room when he returned from practice.  For once, I had no discussion about going to bed and I do believe he slept more soundly than he has in quite some time.  But all of this is not my moment of joy....

Last night, even though it was a Friday, we informed him he'd have an early bedtime because of the AAU tournament on Saturday (sure to be tomorrow's blog post!).  As he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, I climbed in among the many pillows with our dog, Patch.  When he returned, he just stood in the doorway with a smile.  Once he realized I was serious, he eagerly bounced into bed with me.

You see, Noah loves to snuggle with us and asks us all the time to either let him sleep with us or to climb in his bunk bed (yes, we laugh at that too).  Three full size people in a queen size bed though just doesn't cut it.  Sometimes for a treat we'll let him fall asleep but Tim will guide him back to his bed soon after. 

Last night, we giggled and talked while listening to the rain and I took advantage of every snuggly moment with my quickly growing boy.  I know that nights like that are so precious and one day he'll outgrow wanting to share a bed with mom or dad.  I was just grateful for special quality time with my sweet guy.  I didn't stay, wanting us both to have a restful night's sleep, but especially him in preparation for the tournament. 

This morning I snuck in to check on him and this is what I morning dose of joy.  In the past, Patch didn't like sleeping on the top bunk with Noah, I'm sure because that's a long way up for an itty bitty dog.  He loves this bed though and even asked to return after his morning potty run.  Knowing Noah now has a comfy bed that all members of the family can snuggle with him in makes my heart smile.
...and so do those cute little toes peeking out beside Patch!


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