Tuesday, February 21, 2012

75 year old Sis

Don't you just love it when a chance meeting with someone brightens your whole day?  If you missed my post last week, it may be somewhat of a surprise how much I adore elderly people.  I was always my Grandparent's Girl and just seem to gravitate towards older folks.  I've been told I have an old soul and maybe that's why.  Or, perhaps it is just because they are so darn cute.  There's also a saying that babies and the elderly are the closest souls to God, and if so, I can understand why I'd be drawn to such sweet spirits.

Today I was blessed with meeting a lovely woman, 75 years young, while in line to checkout.  First, she tried to let me ahead of her, even though my four items were more than her one.  I politely declined and we chatted a bit, as she eyed the Bible in my hands.

"Do you have a coupon for that?" she asked, stepping out of line to search through her purse.  I explained that I did not but that it was on sale, however I appreciated her offer.  She kept insisting, handing me over a paper for 33% off.  Noticing it was a President's Day sale, I mentioned that it might be expired, as that holiday was yesterday.  She lightly gasped, giggled, and proceeded to rip it in pieces. 

At that very moment the cashier informed her it was in fact still good to use.  We both stood there mouths open.  I apologized, feeling horrible for her loss of a coupon.  She laughed it off, telling the clerk she was just trying to help a Sister in Christ.  When the lady behind the counter confirmed that my Bible was on sale but that she could've used it for her candle, she threw her hands up and with a shrug said, "Oh well, it wasn't meant to be," with the most positive attitude. 

Still feeling bad about causing such a scene, all because I can't keep my days straight, I asked if she could still use it - even though it was literally in pieces floating around in her purse.  Thankfully the cashier was in a good mood and a nice lady, who took the time to tape it back together for her.  By this point, my new "sister" was feeling guilty for holding up the line and began to scramble and get her things together, nearly leaving her glasses on the counter.  I stopped her.  She nearly hugged me and thanked me for being so nice. 

The whole interaction was probably less than five minutes but I left the store smiling and have continued to smile throughout my afternoon, each time I think of her.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone were this kind?  If all strangers treated you like you family?  Knowing this isn't the case, I'm going to work even harder at making every chance meeting just a little more special.  Who knows, I might meet more brothers and sisters I didn't know I had!


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