Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Handyman

We enjoyed about a 7 hour date yesterday.  Beat that Saint Valentine!  While romantic, candlelit dinners are nice.  Crowded restaurants and overpriced entrees are not.  We opted for a more casual date this year, a few days late, and the only expectations being quality time.  We shopped.  We saw a movie in the middle of the day and had popcorn for lunch.  We shopped and lingered some more.  We ate appetizers for dinner.  And we topped it off without a yummy stop at the frozen yogurt shop.

After that phenomenal "Day Date" with my hubby, we came home with a few building projects for the kid's bathrooms.  We've quickly discovered that teenagers need lots of space.  In fact, I think my son has about as many products as his cousin.  A shower gel for every day of the week.  A shampoo for this mood.  Gel for this hairstyle.  Add that collection to a typical girl's and you can imagine the potential disaster we have in their bathroom. 

The other day, while one of htem was showering, a knocked over bottle was like missle-dominoes.  I didn't know if someone fell, the shower caved in, or what.  We realized it was time for some organization.  And of course that O-word always brings me joy!  Finding a stacking shower caddy and a bathroom cabinet, the bathroom mission was on.

Though Tim started assembling the units, Noah soon jumped in to help.  After unexpected company arrived, Noah found himself the head foreman.  I was instantly impressed at how my little (yes, I'm laughing as I write that word) 12 year old took the lead.  He didn't miss a beat and worked the screwdriver like a pro.  As he streched out underneath the cabinet to tighten the screws above, I couldn't believe how big he was. 

While I visibly see his growth everyday - buying size 12 shoes for him the weekend before sure helped confirm that - I am always taken aback when I see how big he's becoming in other areas.  It was like looking at a man, not a 12 year old boy.  It was a little hard for a momma who spent the evening a couple days ago pouring through his baby books.  He needed a picture from when he was little, in preparation for his upcoming (gulp) 6th grade graduation.  Just as I was then, zooming back ten to twelve years of our lives and realizing just how much he has grown, I found myself very teary-eyed. 

I was grateful that he was so busy assembling that he didn't notice.  Quickly wiping my eyes with my shirt sleeve, I continued being his assistant.  As we moved the units into the bathroom, I was again thankful for the busyness of reigning in all their products so I didn't have to reflect on how my baby boy is really now a young man.  And growing even more with every minute.  But it brings me joy to watch the process...and savor each moment.

my baby then
my big guy now


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