Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Can Man

Have you ever smiled at a stranger and wondered what impact it might have?  Waved at someone you didn't know, just because, or hoping to brighten their day?  Myself I'm more of a smiler than a waver, unless it is in response.  I'll wave back but I don't know that I've ever waved first to a stranger.  And then, maybe I have but never thought much about it.

I shared a brief encounter with a sweet elderly man today on my drive for work.  It was such a chance meeting, as I was on an unfamiliar road and certainly not one I'd planned today.  His interaction with me however instantly lifted my spirits and brought me immense joy.

Heading to a nearby city via the parkway, I noticed a wreck stretched across both lanes ahead of me.  Being from a family of firefighters, it looked like a lengthy wait, so I took the exit which luckily was right before the stop.  A mixture of gut, my smart phone, and a quick call to hubby led me down a winding, two lane road. 

About ten minutes in, I was already glad for the choice, as instead of the standard scenery I'm used to, it was a change of pace.  Quaint houses, rolling hills, and cattails tall as trees greeted me with each passing mile.  At one point, I even stopped my car to capture a picture of the breathtaking landscape.  My IPhone couldn't do it justice.  For as far as my eyes could see it was just this span of fields.  I loved how the rows of power lines interrupted the flow, pole by pole by pole.  Again, my camera couldn't capture it - as no equipment will ever compare to the beauty our eyes can see, but I wanted to share.

A few miles later I noticed a truck off the side of the road, and to the right, that sweet old man.  He glanced up and instantly smiled, sending me a "Grandpa hug" right through my windshield.  His frail arm raised to wave, I waved back happily and almost giggling.  Immediately I was reminded of my Grandpa and how he too walked the sides of roads in search of aluminum cans.  The rest of my drive was filled with tender memories of my Grandpa, who I love and miss dearly.

I'm sure that man probably acknowledges every vehicle that passes him along his route but I'm sure glad he smiled at me today.  I sent him prayers for safety in return with hopes that his day would also be blessed because he surely blessed mine.

Joy is not truly Joy, unless it is shared.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Heather...thanks for sharing! :)

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