Saturday, February 11, 2012

Night at the Movies

Have I said before how much I love movies?  I especially love a good tear-jerker, underdog story.  "Real Steel" was a movie I actually was willing to pay big bucks to see in the theatre.  I say "big" because the cost of a movie ticket, a coke, and bucket of popcorn at anyplace other than Sticky Floors is unreal these days.  It's rare that we shell out dough for a movie in a large cinema, even though I do love going.

Tonight I was in the mood for a movie.  We'd had a great family day, doing a little shopping and eating out.  Both the kiddos were on a high, finding just the right outfits to look 'super cool' and 'too cute' for their upcoming dances this week.  And those outings pretty much cancelled out any chances of seeing a movie on a big screen.  So, I improvised.

We swung into our local theatre, grabbed a $4 mega bucket of popcorn and headed to the video store.  I'd noticed on the way out of town this morning that "Real Steel" was in so it was easy to decide what to pick up.  Luckily they had a copy left and Tim quickly grabbed it for our viewing pleasure.  Once home, we slid into our pjs, turned up the fireplace, turned down the lights, and entered our own personal theatre.  Surround sound (check), Blue Ray on the flat screen (check), furniture scooted super close together (check). 

I don't know why shifting the couches around makes a difference but it does.  Seconds later, we are lazily and very comfortably enjoying the movie.  It's the best of both worlds.  The seats are much nicer, the price is way cheaper, but the effect is the same.  Best of all, there's a pause button when we needed to visit the concession, I mean kitchen, for a snack.  A family of sock feet stacked up on the coffee table, laps full of dogs and blankets, and being swept away in the kind of Saturday night!


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