Friday, February 24, 2012

Faithful Friday: Joy & Peace

70 degrees in February!  I should note that I do not live in a warm winter climate.  In fact, many snowbirds in Kentucky flee to warmer states this time of year to avoid the cold weather.  Seeing the sunshine, opening my windows, noticing buds on my front yard trees, and hearing the cheerful singing of the birds outside has brought be great joy this week.  Even with sickness and some difficulty within my extended family, I've remained in positive spirits.  Nature just has a way of doing that for me.

I've mentioned before how much more I appreciated a sunset, landscape, and even trees after my wreck.  There's something about a near death experience that brings that out of a person.  Combined with the loss of my son, nature has been a constant connection to God for me.  Being among it and recognizing it's beauty makes me feel closer to my Creator.  Feeling the sun on my face, the beauty of a budding flower, or the scent of fresh grass can make my soul smile.

Nature is what I turned to many times throughout this grief journey.  Even on winter days, unlike the spring-like ones we've had of late, I can find hope.  As a dear friend wrote one snowy morning, "God can paint a beautiful picture just using one color."  I can appreciate the seasons of this Earth, just like the seasons of our life.  There are days of growth and days of loss...uplifting moments in new life and the sorrow as others end.  Throughout the valleys and mountains of each year, there is a continued promise I cling to.  I know that no matter what pain this life may bring, joy is always around the corner.  Joy is our ultimate destination!

No matter the difficulties you may be facing this week, I challenge you to get outside and enjoy your surroundings.  No matter the weather, you can find joy and peace among nature.  Challenge yourself to choose to find the beauty in today.  Have a blessed weekend!


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