Friday, February 3, 2012

Faithful Friday: Great Joy

Today's Faithful Friday comes from a portion of Philemon 1:7 - "Your love has given me great joy and encouragement..."  It is a verse that reminds me of my niece, Tina.  And being that this is her birthday fest, she's certainly on my mind!

Tina has been with us for more than six months but already feels such a part of our family.  I guess it was an easy transition, considering she spent a lot of time here anyway.  She and Noah, being only one year apart, have always been extremely close.  And because they've both suffered loss, though in different forms, being together has been good for them.

As I wrote earlier this year, her arrival was unexpected, unplanned, and didn't come without struggles or adjustments.  To say it's been all roses wouldn't be telling the truth.  But as I shared in that post, her arrival came at God's perfect timing and I can see now how her being here has helped us heal.  As well, I know we have helped her.

There's been heartache and hiccups, moving out of our comfort zone, sharing, and learning along the way.  But there's also been sweet smiles, hugs, laughter, more laughter and great joy.  Tina is a bright, talented, wonderful child and I feel blessed to share my home with her.  She makes us laugh every day.  When I see Noah and her take off walking or riding bikes or hear them giggling in one of their rooms, it warms my heart.  When I get to share in her excitement at an accomplishment at school or trying something new, I smile inside.  Seeing her experience these teenage milestones with us has been joyful and rewarding beyond our expectations.

But she also brings us encouragement.  Wise beyond her years from the life she's faced already, she brings such a new perspective to things.  A great listener, even when you aren't trying for her to here, she always has a finger on the pulse of our family.  She watches the interactions we each have and comments on things we do well...and sometimes those we could use work on.  She's a sounding board for Noah, especially when it comes to girls.  She's another female voice in a house full of testosterone.  And she's the softer side I often look for when wanting a woman's opinion.  She pushes us to be more - for her - and for the strength of our family.

Looking back, I would've never imagined that she'd be here with us day to day.  Now, I don't know if I could imagine our home without her.  As the minutes count down to her festivities this weekend, I hope that with every plan, every surprise, and each birthday wish she feels the joy and encouragement return to her that she greatly blesses our family with every day.


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