Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mii Monday

Leftovers were inevitable last night.  After my SOUPer bowl Sunday crockpot fest, we all knew what we'd be eating again for dinner.  Thankfully, Mom "invited" her crew over to share in the bounty.  The extra players also worked out perfectly for Noah's plans, a Wii tournament.

A few nights ago he asked if we could not watch TV (how many teenagers say that?) and instead play the Wii as a family.  Of course, he asked this at 9:45 pm so I suggested we make it a Mii Monday.  For any of you who've never played the Wii, you create little characters, reminiscent of electronic weebles, to represent yourself.  These characters are known as Miis (pronounced "me") and you see them on the screen playing whatever game you choose.

After corralling all phones and other electronic devices to the coffee table so we could focus on family, we opted for the sports game.  Surprisingly Mom was ready to go and challenged Noah to bowling.  Aside from nearly doing a head flip after stepping on her pant leg, she did very well.  For her first time  playing, he only beat her by 5 points.  This was a shocker to the gamer he is! 

At first I made the rule that the winner picked the next player and the player picked the game.  After three challenges by all different competitors, Noah was still standing.  I then added the rule that you couldn't play more than three rounds in a row.  He didn't like that rule but finally relinquished his remote.

We laughed and played, broke a sweat or two, giggled some more, and had a wonderful family evening.  Mom and crew left and Tim jumped in to play.  He and Noah competed in baseball, nearly knocking down the ceiling fan in the process. 

Tim's Mii

Tim's "me"

Side note:  Tim's Mii cracks me up every time because it looks just like him.  I found a similar version online to show you.....

They then moved to golf, which in my opinion even on a Wii is B-o-r-i-n-g!  I finally pulled Tim away, only because I had a steaming bowl of soup to bribe him with.  This left Noah and Tina to wrap up the night, taking in a few more games. 

Other than using the tv to play the game, it wasn't used for anything else.  By the time we finished jumping, swooshing, ducking, whacking and laughing, we were happily wore out and ready for bed.  It was a great alternative to vegging out in front of the tv and I think something we need to incorporate at least once a week.  Maybe I'll show you our other Miis someday!


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