Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Secret Revealed...

If you were listening to 96STO on Valentine's Day, some twenty odd years ago, you'll remember that the DJ had asked for listeners to call in with the nicknames they call their sweetheart.  So many of the common ones were heard - honey, sugar, baby and so forth.  One name that day stood out.  One name became the conversation piece for the entire day on the radio, and everywhere else for that matter.  At least, I recall it being said a zillion times in my high school hall.

Nobody knew then it was actually my affectionate pet name for my boyfriend, Tim.  (Yes, the same Tim that is my now husband.)  He married me, even with the silly nickname I gave him.  And I still sneak it in every now and again to remind him of the funny day our secret sweet word became very, very public.

Although I went to school angry that morning, hearing the word throughout the day made me smile.  It reminded me of Tim.  And with every overheard convo in the halls and classrooms, I giggled inside because nobody knew it was me.  I was famous and yet unknown.  Plus, I knew how much all the hype would embarrass Tim, even though nobody would know why his face alternated in shades of red throughout the day.

I was mad because it was all my sister's fault.  She was the one who called in to the radio station, making fun of my love name.  I tried to attack her in the hall when she grabbed the phone, stretching the already sprung cord to the limit in an attempt to escape.  Over my screams and threats to return embarrassment in ways she could never imagine, I'm not even sure how the DJ heard the word.  But, he did.  Moments later it was on the air, the echo of my evil sister's laughter a side dish to the torture.  With a look that promised retaliation, I huffed out the door and onto the bus, giving her the cold shoulder the entire trip.

Much to my sister's dismay, my afternoon bus ride was more enjoyable for me than her.  With each continued glorification of the nickname from the seats around us, I smiled inside and out.  She tried to interrupt and let the cat out of the bag that I was actually the creator of the name, but of course, nobody believed her.  Especially when I shrugged it off and used all those drama class acting skills to prove it.  (Thank you, Mrs. Elmore!) 

I decided earlier in the day it was more fun not to reveal who it was.  The mystery made it cooler.  Through the years, it has remained our little secret.  A word I can whisper that is sure to evoke a response from Tim.  A guaranteed laugh or chuckle.  But I decided today is all about love and surprises and what better way to celebrate than to share this happy little nickname with the world.  Who knows, some young girl may be looking for just the right word to describe the cuteness, the excitement, and everything she feels for her love.  Plus, after the surprise I have planned for Tim on this Valentine's Day, letting this secret out will pale in comparison.  ...Let's just say "Scooterbug" won't hold a banana to the giant-gram he has coming to visit him at work today! 

You'll just have to stay tuned to that story.  I promise not to make you wait 20 years!


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