Friday, November 4, 2011

Kissed in the Car Line

Dropping off Noah this morning to school, I had an unexpected surprise.  The YSC staff person came running across the parking lot shouting, "Hey! I have something to give you!"  I braked, noticing the line of parents behind me.  Do I keep driving?  Stop? 

He looked back, still running, "Go on through, I'll catch up with you."  So, I eased through the car line slowly, watching him from my rear view mirror.  I wondered, what on earth would he have for me?  The kids were in the backseat and started questioning it too.  Noah said he bet it was a giant bag.  Why, I do not know. 

Panting, he reached me just as I approached the drop off curb.  Clutching a plastic grocery bag, he hands it through my window.  Inside are two bags of "peanut butter kisses," or Mary Janes as some may call them.  Puzzled I looked up at him and breathless he said, "They're from Marianne.  I don't know why but she said you needed them."  Laughing, I thanked him and pull closer so Noah could exit the truck.

Neither of the kids understood what was going on, or saw the special importance of the black and orange wrapped candy.  I handed him one and told him to chew it before he reached the school.  He took it cautiously.  I'm not sure if Tina ate hers in the backseat, as we made our way to the middle school because I was too busy unwrapping the goodies and chewing to my heart's content!

You see, I randomly mentioned on Facebook Halloween night that the trick-or-treating candy loot was sad this year.  The kids were given one piece of candy at a time, and after two hours, barely had enough together to half-fill a pumpkin bucket.  Aside from that, all the classic goodies were missing, such as Sixlets and those black and orange peanut butter candies I couldn't recall the name of. 

Marianne, being the friend she is, took an opportunity to send me some when she saw our YSC staff at a state conference.  Aside from mailing them, it would be her only option since we now live about six hours away from each other.  The fact that she noticed my comment, took time out of her life to go to the grocery, and arrange the delivery is beyond sweet.  But, that's just Marianne.

We met because of my job at ACS.  She was the ONLY person we could find at the time to chair the first ever Relay For Life in Ohio County.  Our friendship was almost instant, as she quickly became far more than just a volunteer.  At ACS, we were partners in crime, having a phenomenal first year Relay, and continuing our track record for the next few years.  She became a trainer with me and we have some fun memories of traveling the state together. 

Outside of work, she was one of my dearest friends and our friendship continued and grew, even after she passed the volunteer torch to someone new.  We both knew we could call on each other, no matter the time of day and we'd be there.  She read to my kiddos when I left to respond to a bomb threat.  I taught her about chicken in a can and delivered food to her doorstep when she was sick.  We both had fender benders on the same day involving the same parts of our cars.  But my biggest, the motorcycle wreck, found her right by side.  She became the "me" for work, traveling back and forth, delivering goods and messages (all for free) as well as scheduling and coordinating meals to my house from a slew of volunteers.

She is, without a doubt, one of my bestest friends and I love her dearly.  Sadly, she and her family moved a few years ago.  But, with my persistence to teaching her technology, she's remained in contact through email, that transitioned to an Iphone so we could text regularly, to finally talking her into a Facebook account.  I'm just glad I still have ways to get my Marianne fix and stay in touch.  I miss her daily, love her big, and am thankful beyond words for what her friendship means to me.

Love you, sweet friend!!
Finding a photo of her, to keep with my trend was NOT easy. Somehow I don't have any (at least not electronically) and this was the only photo of her on Facebook. A testament to the friend she is, her profile pic is the logo for Austin's Legacy Scholarship, as she's following in my footsteps for November and remembering him.


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