Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You're an Angel

Today's moment of joy and post of gratitude are from the same occurrence.  I took a sick day to take and drive Tim home from a screening procedure.  Ever since he made the appointment, I've been worried.  Mostly because whatever was going on was enough to scare him into seeing a doctor.  That's just not my husband.  I could sense he was concerned and that sent my stress and prayers into overtime.

It was a full house at the hospital so our 9 am appointment got pushed back over an hour.  What helped pass the tense ticking of the clock was my husband's spirits.  That's one of the things I love most about him.  He was joking with the nurses and asking for a steak sandwich at check in.  At a certain point, he downgraded to a bologna sandwich request to anyone who came in the room.  The poor boy was hungry and he sure made those nurses feel for him, but he also had them (and me) laughing.

I took Tim's wedding ring and blew him a kiss, as they finally wheeled him away, holding back tears and praying for the best.  The fact that he returned within the same hour, puzzled me.  Was that good news or bad?  Quick meant good, right?  I busied myself doting over him while I waited for the doctor.  Of course he was still unconscious when he returned so we couldn't talk.  All I could do was wait.

The door opened and I held my breath hoping to read the doctor's face.  Instead, it was a food cart.  I'm sure Tim would've been thrilled and maybe even hugged the lady, had he not been so out of it.  Actually, I got a lot of chuckles this afternoon at his expense.  He was like the YouTube video of the kid drunk from the dentist.  His eyes would open and he'd sit up in bed, see his food, want a bite, and then fall asleep mid chew.  I'd have to nudge him awake and hope he swallowed it without choking!

In between incoherent sentences, I whispered, "Do you even know who I am?"  Wondering, if he thought I was one of the cute nurses and not his wife, he said, "You're an angel."  Now, this sentence alone would've pitter-pattered my heart but there was added meaning to it.  In the fog of his confusion, he was letting me know he was aware.  For, as the nurse wheeled him away earlier she commented that he had a sweet wife and that was his response, "She's my angel."  It was certainly my heart-hug-joy-filled moment of the day!

Gratitude.  Well, I focused on that from the very beginning this morning.  Grateful that Tim noticed signs and sought help.  (All my "early detection" preaching was sinking in!)  Grateful that we live where screening is available.  Grateful that we have insurance and a job that pays us to have the ability to have the screening.  But of course, my most grateful part of the day was when the doctor did arrive - with good news.  The screening was clear, nothing to be concerned about.  Best sentence I heard all day!  I could sense the weight of worry melt off Tim as he asked the doctor to repeat it, either because he was groggy and wanted to be sure he understood or he was just relieved in the news.  Either way, we went home with a sense of peace and gratitude.

Today, my thankgsgiving list is overflowing.  I am thankful for screenings, insurance, good news, for health, and most of all for my husband.  My angel.  Safe and sound at home, snuggled in our bed, with visions of steak sandwiches floating through his head.


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