Thursday, November 10, 2011

Music Mix

We're listening to satellite radio now while Noah does his homework. It helps him focus and I love to have music filling the air. I'm a huge lover of music and to quote a friend of mine, "I'm only as good as the next song I hear!"

Stop. Scroll down on this post and look to the right. See the music player? It'll have a large "play" arrow. Click it. Enjoy! .....For your listening pleasure, take a stroll down memory lane while you finish reading.  Be prepared, it's an eclectic collection.

Earlier in the week, one of my thankful moments was about music but I didn't have the chance to write about it. Today, I'm thankful for music. I'm grateful my Mom let me explore various genres growing up to foster a love and appreciation for all music. I love how music can change a mood, uplift your spirit, bring back a memory, or frame the perfect moment.

Music is not a new post for me by any means.  One of my very first posts, What is Joy?, told of a funny story about my Grandpa singing.  A few days later, Pandora's Landscaping, where I shared how much I love listening to music while mowing.  And another post, My Daily Drive, which is about how music passes the time while I commute back and forth to work.  One of my most popular posts, Now all is well, shares about the Christmas story and The First Noel.  It's easy to see from my writing that music is important to me!

My Mom and I believe that my love for music began in her womb.  While pregnant, she took a music appreciation class.  Growing up, I never heard my mom say, "Turn that down!" or question the artists or genres I listened to.  She embraced my exploration, even during my all black phase and obsession with The Cure!  It was an odd mix floating down the hall, anything from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Amy Grant, to Run DMC, to Bob Seger. 

Mom's influence later led me to love both country and rock, from Tanya Tucker to the Police.  My stepdad, who gave me my first record player and passed down his favorites, exposed me to artists like Three Dog Night, Don Fogerty and CCR.  And growing up in their house, along with my husband's exposure, I have a love for "old country" from the first greats to cross the stage at the Grand Ole Opry.  Toss that with my teenage mix of experimental music and 80s pop, to classical and jazz favorites from high school band, along with my now equally random collections from christian praise & worship to Top 40 and you can see why my Ipod is all over the place!

Aside from listening to it, I've dabbled in playing instruments and even written a song or two.  I remember my first tiny piano, with what looked and sounded like real keys that I got when I was barely old enough to stand in front of it.  As a teenager, I upgraded to a keyboard and played around enough on the organ and piano at church to know a few tunes.  In middle school, I joined the band and played the clarinet, pushing myself to keep the spot of First Chair.  It's on my bucket list to learn to play guitar, though I can play a mean game of Guitar Hero.  I'm thankful Mom let me experiment and express myself through music as a child.  While I didn't become the song writer or pop star I dreamed about, while dancing in front of my mirror, it certainly was fun at the time.  I still embrace the heart of that little girl when I'm jamming to music in my pjs while cleaning house, or having a mini concert in the car on the way home, or even a solo in the shower. 

I hope you've enjoyed your musical accompaniment today.  Perhaps you recalled a memory from a song you haven't heard in awhile, or perhaps you've found a new favorite.  Either way, I'm happy to have exposed you to just a little piece of what Heather's mix tape might look like, if I ever made you one.


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