Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple Sundays

The two words "Sunday Dinner" immediately bring comfort, home, and family to my mind.  Like a Norman Rockwell painting, a family gathered at the table, heads bowed, hands held around a meal is the essence of happiness for me.  Nothing warms my heart, and my belly, like joining together for dinner on a Sunday evening.  It's something I strive for every week.

Our Sundays are very low key and I love it that way.  Life is busy enough and during the school year our weeknights can be hectic.  Knowing we can start the week off by slowing down and pausing to eat as a family sets my soul for whatever is to come.  Aside from planning a comforting dish from family favorites, I also work to ensure nothing else is on the agenda.  We enjoy our Sundays at home just being together. 

On a rainy day like we've had today, our hours have been spent lazily snuggled watching movies.  I dusted off the VHS movies from under Noah's bed and we picked a few.  Neither of the kids had ever seen "Dances with Wolves" so we spent most of the evening viewing this while spooning in steamy bowls of potato soup. 

The collection of video tapes reminded me of a simpler time.  While Noah and Tina had to think about how to operate the machine, I recalled how Austin could navigate it like a pro, barely at the age of two.  He could recognize a tape by the words on the label and match it to the correct case even that young.  Glancing over the faded cases, I saw many of his favorites, which he played over and again by pushing in the tape with his chubby little fingers.  While those memories tug at my heartstrings, this time of year they are especially needed.  It was a day spent treasuring our past, while holding tight together for our futures.

What I love about Sunday dinners is that you can recreate this warmth and togetherness any day of the week.  When obligations and after school events don't pull us away, we make a commitment to eat as a family every day of the week we can squeeze it in.  Sometimes it's a Sunday comfort kind of meal, and others it is only a quick sandwich; however, it doesn't matter what's on the table, just who is gathered around it. 

Today I'm thankful for Sunday dinners with the family...
and for making that same priority on Mondays, Fridays, and every day in between.


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