Friday, November 18, 2011

Master Surprise

I love surprises. Little surprises, big surprises, being surprised, and especially surprising others.  Giving someone a surprise is like planning a mini party. Last night, I developed a master surprise. It was a historic surprise. One Noah and Tina will be talking about for years. Decades. Major mom brownie points earned.

If you've never heard of Twilight, wait a minute, who hasn't? You've been living under a rock if not! It's a series of books and movies and followed heavily by the tween crowd. Well, and us Twilight moms. I didn't want to like the books (movies are more of a novelty) but I got sucked in...pun intended, and have been hooked ever since.  Anyway, opening night of the latest movie, Breaking Dawn, began at midnight. 

I don't know when midnight showings became popular but it's been on my list of things I want to do for awhile.  Unfortunately "Sticky Floors," our local theatre, doesn't usually offer midnight shows so I'd have to drive nearly an hour away to enjoy one.  In my old age, I just didn't think I could attempt the wee hour drive after being snugged into a movie for two hours.  To my delight, I discovered Sticky Floors would be having a midnight show when reading the paper Wednesday night.  This began my plan.

Yesterday, I texted my mom to see if she'd be open to going with us.  I knew Tina would enjoy having her sister there with her and needed her for the details to work out.  You see, Haylea had a school competition and would be returning home late on school night.  I used this as the reason the kids needed to go to bed at 6:45 on a school night.  Explaining that we'd have to set an alarm and wake up in the middle of the night to pick her up, and that I needed them to go with me so I'd stay awake, the plan was set in motion.

While at McDonalds, our pickup spot for Haylea, the kids began discussing that this was opening night.  Disappointed, they mentioned how many of their friends were going.  Mom and I both sadly apologized, wishing we'd thought about buying tickets, especially since we were awake in the middle of the night anyway.  With a glance at my watch, I rushed them out, exclaiming we needed to get home and to bed.

Instead of turning right toward home, I veered left, and at first the kids didn't notice.  Once on the road, Noah asked why.  I then added to my growing embellishment that I needed to stop at the grocery for a few things for our office dinner the next day.  (This grocery is in the same parking lot as the theatre.)  Of course, as we pulled in, the store was closed and lot was empty.  Next door though was a bustling of activity, as ticket holders made their way inside.  Noah moaned how unfair and Tina wished we could be among them. 

I pulled into a parking spot, which caused them both to question me.  "We're already up this late, let's just go see if they have tickets," I said.  This led to several excited remarks and chatter among them, as well with Haylea and Mom who pulled in beside me.  Haylea and Tina shook their heads, spouting that they didn't believe there was a chance.  In the midst of their chatter I hid five tickets in my hand, draping a jacket over my arm.  Noah ran ahead, hoping to beat others in line.  The sign on the door stopped him in his tracks. 

His face covered in disappointment, he turned back to me slowly shaking his head and saying, "No luck.  They're sold out."  At this point, I turned to face the three kids and raised the jacket, revealing the five tickets.  Mouths open, gasps, shrieks, squeals, and one giant bear hug rapidly followed.  It was a Rock Star Mom Moment.

The movie was good.  The kids reactions were great.  Thank yous all the way home.  Getting in the door at 2:30 a.m., not ideal, but they went to bed immediately  Alarm clock came way earlier than any of us wanted but surprisingly, they woke up with little trouble.  As I dropped Noah off to school, at the last possible minute so he'd get all the extra sleep he could, he smiled and hugged me sweetly.  Opening the door he looked back and said, "Mom thanks again for last night.  Awesome surprise."  Even though I was yawning as I drove away, I couldn't help but smile all the way to work.  The memories of last night have kept me smiling all day and I hope that they can look back on this for years to come with the same result.


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