Monday, November 21, 2011

My Grandma

My Grandma's voice has gotten frailer over the past few years, an indication of her age and failing health.  While hearing her on the phone, my heart see-saws between loving the connection and listening to her sweet familiar sound to worrying about her in the shakiness of the tone.  She gave me quite a scare today as I could tell at her answer she wasn't feeling well.

I actually had already grown more than a little worried, as I'd tried several times over the weekend to reach her unsuccessfully.  Not driving anymore, Grandma doesn't get out like she used to.  Knowing what I do now, I should've followed through a little more but I didn't want to see her door knocked down again. 

Grandma's suffered several strokes over the years and her strength is not at all what it used to be.  She's hesitant when walking and has had a few falls over the past year.  As such, I think many of us in the family are on guard.  My Dad tried to reach her one day and upon not being able to, called the police who knocked down her back door.  She had only gone shopping with her daughter and was fine but ticked she had to replace a perfectly good door.  Another day I had tried calling, knowing she should be home but was getting a busy signal for hours.  She snapped my brother's head off when he arrived to check on her, as he'd woke her up.  She was fine again, just didn't replace the phone on the headset all the way.

This Friday though she actually did take a fall in her laundry room and had to crawl to the phone for help.  The thought of my 82 year old Grandma doing this, breaks my heart.  The fact that she spent the weekend in the hospital and I didn't find out until today when I called makes this normally joyful gal, not so much so.  (insert family lectures here)  At any rate, I'll feel much better when we get some sort of system installed that allows her to call for help at the touch of a button.  I've pushed her toward this before, as well as a walker and some other assistance, but she stubbornly refused.  Guess I'm gonna have to show her that trait passed down to me too and not take no for an answer this time!

She's just very special to me and while I know none of us have a guarantee of our next days, I want to have her in my life as long as possible.  I certainly don't want to see her hurt or suffer, especially from something simple like a fall.  I love her and value the time we spend together.  There's nothing better than being with her and visiting Grandma's House.

Today I'm thankful for still having my precious Grandma with me. I love hearing her frail but sweet voice on the other end of the line when I call and even better spending time with her. I treasure the role model she's been to me growing up and the difference she's made in my life.
Love you Grandma Coons!


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