Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Big, Little Guy

Today I'm thankful beyond words for the towering boy that is my baby. Noah came into our lives at God's perfect timing and changed us forever. He fills my days with laughter and love.
I'm blessed for every single moment with him!

I'm thankful not only today but every day for the JOY that Noah brings into my life.  There isn't a day that he doesn't make me laugh, usually full body, big belly chuckles from something he's said or done.  Quick-witted and a comedian at heart, he always has snappy comments or reactions to our daily life.  Taking after his momma, he's theatric and dramatic, making the every day occurrence a full event.  Intelligent, athletic, helpful and a sensitive soul, just a few of the individual qualities I love and admire in him. 

Truly God's gift to us, I realize how precious his timing was in giving us Noah.  Though we tried for three years, Noah came when we needed him most - and after we'd quit trying.  Tim and I were going through the roughest patch our marriage had ever seen and Noah's arrival was the needed boost to hold us together.  With his pregnancy, we fell deeper in love and became stronger as a family.  He is a visible reminder of how far we've come, and now more than ever, the glue that continues to hold us.

Noah has been my sole motivation some days, especially the first few weeks and months after losing Austin.  Knowing he needed me is what pulled me out of bed, forced me to put one foot in front of the other, and move forward.  But it was more than just that knowledge, it was his sweet spirit, his joyfulness, and his love that helped and continues to heal Tim and me.  I'm so grateful to have him in my life and thank God for every second spent with him!

Prior to starting this blog, I was writing on one dedicated to Noah.  There aren't a lot of posts but Noah Bear Notes is filled with funny stories, mostly direct from his mouth.  Here are just a few of my favorite "one liners" from my silly guy!

Noah: "Hey Mom, Look...I can get up from the floor with handcuffs on."

Me: "Hey Noah, that's a skill I hope you NEVER need."

Lady: "What grade are you in?"
Noah: "4th"
Me (later): "Why didn't you say 5th?"
Noah: "Until my feet are in the 5th grade room, I'm still a 4th grader!"

Noah (walking in with disposable camera): so how do I see these pictures now?
Me: we have to get them developed
Noah: ...(insert silence and crickets)
Me: (sigh) I feel so old!

Noah: "So how do you get your breath fresh?"
Me (chuckling): "Why, got somebody you want to kiss?"
Noah (ignoring): "What does mouthwash do, what's it all about?"
...and after a long discussion on dental hygiene...
Me: "Do you have a girlfriend or something you want to tell me about?"
Noah: "Nope, but I figure it's about time to go out and get one." :)

Convo with Noah ..."did you call 911?" me, "no, I called dad". Noah, "duh dad IS 911!"

Noah just asked me to look up a cheat code for the Wii Fit...I think that kinda misses the

Me: so is this a great valentines present? (eating at Patty's)
Noah: less talking, more eating!!
.....guess that answered my question


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