Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chilly Chili Day

Brrrr!  Who knew today would be so cold?  I love it though.  It lets me know that Fall is here!

The weather changed our plans a bit but I'd much rather stay inside snuggled up with the family than do yard work anyway.  Who doesn't love a lazy Saturday afternoon?

The cool day felt like a great time to make the season's first pot of soup.  There's just something so comforting about soup and today seemed like a chili kind of day.  When the onions hit the pan with a sizzle, I smiled a little, inside and out.  I enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking for those I love.  It's calming to be by the stove chopping vegetables, adding seasoning, and stirring away in a big pot of warmth.

There are many soups that we love and I usually try a new recipe or two every season but chili is an old familiar favorite.  It reminds me of family and being gathered all together, playing games and laughing.  There really isn't a family member that I don't have a chili memory of, which is kind of strange if you think about it.  I can close my eyes and picture different people and know how they like their chili....

My step dad likes it with macaroni, which as a kid I always thought that was gross.  Who wants slimy noodles in their soup; however, Tim and I enjoy it with broken spaghetti.  My grandpa Wavie liked his spicy and would add lots of black pepper, actually he added lots of pepper to anything.  And I used to get a kick out of watching my cousin, Justin, eat from his bowl.  He refused to use a spoon and grandma would always give him an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers all to himself.  He'd use the crackers as a spoon to scoop up the yummy mixture.  Noah loves his with tons and tons of cheese, the more the better.  By the time he's finished, it looks more like a yellow glob but he likes it that way and eats every last bite.  How do you like yours?

I can smell mine simmering away, as it fills my house with warm scents of tomatoes and onions, garlic and cumin.  May seem silly to get this excited about a bowl of soup, but I'll be a happy camper in a couple hours, wrapped up in blankets on the couch, surrounded by those I love and watching some good movies.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a chilly Saturday afternoon.


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