Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rainy Days & Flu Shots

I love rainy days.  Sure, there are times when the rain may be frustrating, like when you've planned a cookout, or needed a good hair day; but there's just nothing better than cuddling up on a stormy afternoon.

The past two days have been uneventful, ordinary, lazy days. What's made them a little magical though is the rain.  There's something about a thunder storm that makes you slow down and snuggle.  Noah and I have lived in our pjs, shared a couple of mini tv-watching marathons, and enjoyed whatever else we wanted in that moment.

We've slept in, well, actually he's slept in while I snuck in what little housework I couldn't stand to let go of.  He's got to pick the menu for lunch each day, and I've probably gained ten pounds eating chicken strips and pumpkin pie blizzards.  (Hey, I did order off the kid's menu and eat a mini size, so I'm trying to be semi-good on vacation.)  Even venturing out for flu shots was fun with Noah because of who he is. 

Noah's never liked shots.  When he was little I would leave the office crying as much as he was from having to hold him down.  A few years ago, they took him back without me and it didn't go well.  He relives the tale now with a chuckle, bragging about how he tossed the needle across the room before three of them took him down.  Needless to say, that was our first and last time to visit that doctor's office.  I laughed yesterday though to find out he thought it was because he'd been kicked out, not because a mad momma was protecting her cub.

When I made his appointment yesterday, I requested the flu mist, which they promised they'd have in stock by that date.  I tried to prepare Noah for the possibility that if they didn't, he'd have to get a shot.  We talked about how much older he was now and braver and stronger...but I secretly hoped it didn't come to that.  As the nurse brought in the needle, Noah's eyes met mine.  I braced myself for the worse but he surprised me, as usual.  He was older and braver and stronger and got through it like a trooper.  And then, of course, he soaked up pure enjoyment at watching me get mine.

I'm so thankful to have this week off to spend time with him.  He's growing so fast, sometimes it feels like an inch every second.  I find myself staring at him, willing time to slow down.  I'm learning that his physical features aren't the only things changing though.  Noah is evolving before my eyes into this new stage, between child and teen.  It's a wonderful and exciting world to share with him, as we experience it together.


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