Sunday, October 31, 2010

A SOUPer Spooky Sunday!

What a great weekend!  I'm on a Halloween high from all the holiday festivities.

Noah and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday, preparing for the weekend's events.  We made two new desserts, soon to be familiar favorites for our family.  Noah's favorite combination is peanut butter and chocolate so I'm not sure how we'd never made peanut butter balls before.  (We quickly learned that one batch is not enough and will triple the recipe next time!)  My favoritest cake is red velvet and I tried the recipe on the side of the box for red velvet crinkle cookies.  It was a little piece of Heaven in your hands!...and again, one batch - not enough.

Yesterday was filled with candy and tons of trick-or-treat fun.  Noah knocked on doors all the way to the fire station, where we stopped for our annual potluck.  Tim enjoyed seeing all his guys out with their families and sharing some delicious food.  We had everything from dumplins to frog legs and ate way too much.  Learning from previous years, we drove two vehicles so Noah and I could sneak home after we chatted with the crew and got our bellies.  We jumped into our jammies and poured the buckets of goodies onto the coffee table for our yearly inspection.  What pieces didn't end up in our mouths were sorted into our two for the chocolate and one for anything else.  A scary movie ended our evening, snuggled by the fire.

Noah spooked out the living room this morning eagerly awaiting the family's arrival for lunch.  Soups simmered in crockpots, ghosts floated from the ceiling fan, and caution tape secured every doorway.  The crew arrived and we stuffed ourselves with a selection of chili, veggie, or potato soup...well, in most cases it was "and" not "or"!  We feasted on desserts and settled in for a scary movie marathon.  Three creepy movies, several empty containers and two bags of popcorn later, we said our good nights & goodbyes.  It was a perfectly lazy afternoon filled with spooked jumps and giggles, sweets and snacks galore.  We had such a good time I'm hoping to make "Souper Spooky Sunday" a tradition, whether the calendar says Halloween or not!


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