Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallowed Fun Night!

You know how some people say..."it isn't Thanksgiving without the turkey and dressing"...or "it doesn't feel like Christmas unless it snows"?  Well, I say, "It doesn't feel like Halloween until Hallowed Fun Night at our church!

I'm pre-posting my joyful moment today for the happiness I know I'll feel tonight.  Because it will be late by the time we get home, and this girl needs all the beauty sleep she can get, I'm writing early.  I look forward to Hallowed Fun Night as soon as the leaves begin to change.  It combines so many of my favorite things about fall and just sets the mood for the rest of the Halloween holiday festivities to come.

From the hayrides... to the cake walk... to the cookie decorating station... to the bonfire (sigh)... to the popcorn, pie, and other goodies... to the photo booth... to the giant inflatables.  There's something for everyone....and it's FREE!  I (sighed) on the bonfire because of course, even with the rain we've received the past two days, our county is still under burn ban.  I'll settle for a grilled hot dog this year but it won't quite be the same.  The part I love the most, it's an evening with family and friends.

Noah will run around like crazy most of the night; last year he was tailed by two little girls, which was a big sign to me how quickly he's growing.  We'll stop him long enough for a hot dog, to put candy corn on a sugar cookie, and a hug on the hayride.  Tim and I will walk hand in hand under the tall oak trees, the crunch of freshly fallen leaves with each step, and enjoy the night.  Our extended family will take up half the spots on the cake walk, and if luck continues, we'll make it home with some yummy treat.  This year, I'll get to experience the excitement with my youngest niece and nephew and I can't wait to see their faces among all the wonder. 

By the end of the night, my feet will be tired and nose cold from the night air, but we'll settle in and relax at home with a warm cup of coffee and a slice of whatever we won.  My happiness tank will be filled to the brim, along with another year of memories of fall fun... enough to tide me over until the next year.


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