Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just Ordinary

Yesterday was uneventful.  Nothing especially noteworthy occurred and I struggled with what to I didn't.  I felt bad in doing so and upon going to bed recalled a lesson from Sunday school several years back.  We discussed as a group the peaks and valleys of life and how we should try to learn from both.

I certainly feel our family has had more than our share of valleys.  At times, I've felt as if they were huge canyons deep as the eye could see.  It made the peaks that much more of a blessing and I think that attitude, in trying to look and focus on the positive, is what led me to writing this blog.  But life isn't always a high or a low...sometimes it's flat, like a plateau, and that is ok too.

Webster defines a plateau as a "stable phase" and those two little words say a lot to me.  While there wasn't anything exciting yesterday, I find comfort in the ordinary.  There were still blessings in the routines.  I spent the day working, in a job that I love for an organization I'm passionate about with volunteers who inspire me daily.  My mom called me for a lunch date so I got to spend an unplanned hour with a woman who is special to me.  Noah came home from school, happy and proud, announcing his Distinguished status in several subjects at school.  And Tim and I rounded out the night, snuggled in blankets, relaxing and watching tv.

I couldn't stretch any of those alone into several paragraphs for a post and even rolled together, they are forgetful.  It was just an average, ordinary day but I can find joy in that.  I can appreciate the plateau in my life and hold onto those moments for what they are.  On this journey, we never know what's next...whether a mountain or a valley, or miles of flat, we must learn to value each one.


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