Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You had to be there...

Our office had a rare lunch all together today.  It's rare because with our schedules, we're hardly ever all around and free to eat at the same time.  It would've been even nicer if we'd just happened upon the outing but I have to admit it was planned.  We were saying good-byes and thank you to a volunteer, and part-time staff person, as her event had ended...and with much success i might add.

It's always funny what a group of women will find humorous when all together.  The afternoon was spent with quite a few laughs but the rib-cracking moment came at the end of our lunch.  The service was slow and while waiting for our tickets, someone pulled out their IPhone.  There is a cute little app that talks back to you, by a cat in a sweet and squeaky voice, and is known as "Talking Tom".  I was tickled at just seeing grown women gather around such silliness and find it funny.  (The app is cute but I only know about and have it on my phone because of my ten year old.  I don't think I've ever used it on my own though!)

Anyway, half the table was in a conversation and the other half were watching the furry little cat on the phone.  Just as the waiter went to hand change to the lady sitting farthest from him she bent down, mouth next to the phone, and yelled, "WOOF!" 

Now, I know I can't write this and do it justice but that alone was pretty darn funny.  For one, she was making a cat bark....for another, it was kind of out of character for her and unexpected to see a random woman barking into a phone in a sit-down restaurant non-the-less.  Add to it the surprised and shocked look on the waiter's face, mixed with the embarrassment of the woofing girl who just realized he caught her, and our table was rolling in laughter. 

Several minutes in, the "other half" of the table admitted they really didn't even know why were laughing, which made all of us laugh even more, and then enabled me to act it all out again.  We spent the rest our time there in joyful tears and used the "woof" line at any appropriate (and not) moment the rest of the afternoon.  Maybe you had to be there but it was the biggest laugh I had all day...and maybe in quite some time.  I'll never quite look at that app the same again...or that restaurant...or for that matter, my kooky funny co-worker!


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