Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh, Beautiful...

What a wonderFALL weekend!  It held so many of the things I love, love, love about fall.  Saturday was filled with chilly air, snuggly blankets and a warm bowl of soup.  We were completely lazy and I didn't accomplish any of the household duties I should have but it was so worth it.

Sunday afternoon we took off to the orchard.  October is so busy and filled with many of the activities I enjoy so I knew that if we didn't go, we took a risk of running out of time.  It was cool, 58 degrees, when we pulled in front of a cute, crooked apple tree, but we had jackets, hands to hold, and hot cider awaiting!

The entire afternoon was absolutely beautiful.  I loved the way the sun would hit the harvested fields, turning them from brown to gold.  Or the way the sun would hit the tip of the trees, as if it was shining spotlights to showcase each beautiful autumn color.  The squatty, bent and twisted branches of the apple trees were filled and spilling over with fruit.  As we walked through the corn, I smiled at the rustling sound the stalks would make as children raced through the paths.  Wherever I looked, I was amazed at the majestic fall landscape.

It always brings me joy to see Noah having a good time, and he was filled with excitement, as he went out exploring the orchard.  Whether it was shooting down the Cider Slide, or hugging a tiny bunny, or blasting through the corn maze, his face was filled with happiness.  We ended the day with a hayride, always one of my favorite parts, and a leisurely walk back from the pumpkin patch.  Oh, and of course, we had our share of caramel apples and all the other yummy treats to be had!

Typically on a Sunday night, I'm eager to get things organized and ready for the coming week.  I'll make sure laundry is caught up and outfits set aside, ensure that meals are planned, and other busy work, but not yesterday.  I was just so happy to be in the moment of the day and I didn't really care what Monday would hold.  Instead, I ended the weekend much like it began, snuggled on the couch with my sweet boy at my side, wrapped in a blanket.  It was such a delightful weekend and I wanted to soak up every last morsel.


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