Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now I Lay Me...

One of the highlights from vacation this week has occured around 3 p.m. each day.  I really didn't start the week out planning to participate in this blissful activity every afternoon but it just happened.  And I'm not complaining!  Actually, I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my daily life.

Monday's nap was quick and accidental.  We were on the way home from the zoo and I took advantage of not having to be at the wheel.  My sister was on the phone, the kids were quiet (because they were snoozing too) and I just slipped into a sweet slumber.  That is, until my baby sister elbowed me.  Perhaps she didn't know I was asleep, as she was showing me something, but I certainly didn't let on or admit it either. 

Thinking back, Tuesday may have missed out, as I can't recall it.  Yesterday though, was quite memorable.  I'd invited Noah to nap with me, thinking he'd jump at the opportunity.  He still loves to sneak into bed with us on occasion.  It never lasts long and is really more snuggle time but we all enjoy it.  Whenever Tim has training or is called out late to a fire, Noah's excited to save his spot with me.  I expected Wednesday to be the same sweet cuddling but the timing must've been wrong for him.  He wiggled and talked, giggled and fidgeted, until I lovingly kicked him and Patch out.  (I learned to not depend on a ten year old boy, deep in a video game, to be a good alarm clock that day.  My short siesta turned into a lengthy hibernation!)  Today, I perfected it.  Lights out, fan and alarm on, cool quilt, and many pillows later I drifted into dreamland. 

Naps are like hugs, warm and comforting.  I awake with a boost of energy unlike any cup of caffeine can offer.  I'm rested, yet alert.  I'm a happier, more peaceful me.  Naps are my friend and I'll miss them next week when the reality of the working world returns.  Perhaps I could fit under my desk and nap through lunch?  Or, figure out a way to sleep at the park without having a bystander call 911 for my stillness.  Maybe there's a kind soul who'd like to drive me home each afternoon, and wouldn't mind that the only small talk I'd offer would be through vibrations from my nose?  If not, I can always go back to Sunday afternoon naps and appreciate each restful moment they offer.  I'll take them, however and whenever I can get them!


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