Sunday, October 3, 2010

Egg in a Bag

When we took our camping trip on Labor Day weekend, I scoured recipes and cookbooks for fun and unique camping treats for us to cook.  By far, Noah's favorite was the "egg in a bag" that we had our last morning.

It's basically just an omelet, meant to use up all the leftovers from the cooler.  The exciting part for him is smushing it all together in a Ziploc bag and dropping it into boiling water.  Two to three minutes later, you unzip the bag and roll it onto a plate.  Voil√† !  A perfectly cooked omelet filled with your choice of ingredients.

When we got back from camping, it was all he talked about.  Noah has wanted egg in a bag for breakfast, or dinner, or whatever meal I'll cook it for, since we've returned.  For whatever reason, it just hasn't worked out to make them until this morning.  (Actually, the major reason has been that I was either missing eggs or the other ingredients to make up an omelet.)  Anyway, this morning seemed like a good time to do it.

His cousin, Tina, spent the night last night and I knew she'd enjoy making them too.  Noah had already told her about them.  ....I told you, he was really impressed!  I guess I made major Mom points on that camping trip by cooking such a cool breakfast, huh?

So, this morning, with cold feet on a colder hardwood floor, and my non-coffee perked body, I pulled out the needed "fixings" for the meal.  Sure, it would have been easier to offer a bowl of cereal but we were making memories.  Both kids had such fun squishing the eggs, choosing their toppings, and dropping them into the water.  They liked watching the yellow goo transform into an omelet right before their eyes. 

Just from spending a little time surfing the net and reading through recipes, I've found a new tradition.  I hope it's one we continue many mornings to come and maybe even one Noah will pass down to his kids someday.  Who knew a Ziploc bag, two eggs, and a pot of boiling water could do that?


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