Thursday, October 7, 2010

What'cha doing?

At some point in my day, sometimes multiple points, I will either ask or answer this question.  It's the opening line for my husband and me when we call each other.  When I first started using it, Tim would laugh and answer, "I'm working," as if I'd just asked a stupid question.  The saying stuck though and we both use it now.  It's a quick way to know if the call is coming at a bad time because we can always answer, "Really busy right now, can I call you back?"

Being able to connect with each other during the day is one of my favorite things about cell phones.  In fact, we've had them for so long I don't really remember a time when I couldn't call or hear from him this way.  Our chats are quick, usually just to check in and see how each other's day is going, but they are always a highlight for me.  And we never end a call without saying, "I love you."  I think we've always done it but it has more meaning the past several years.  We know how quickly life can slip away, in an instant, and so we never take each other for granted or an opportunity to say how much we care.

It's interesting.  We've been together so long that often times I'll be thinking, "I haven't heard from Tim today," and then my phone will ring.  Or, he'll pick up the phone to call me and find his phone ringing and me at the other end of the line.  We can tell by the tones of each other's voices whether we're needing to vent or have something exciting to share before we even say it.  I love the connection we have with each other.

We complete each other's sentences in person all the time and each time it happens, I'll say, "Never doubt it."  ...which means, never doubt that we were meant for each other.  I truly feel Tim is my soul-mate and as cheesy of a movie line as it is, "He completes me."  And I, him.  We bring out the best in each other and what one lacks, the other possesses.  I'm grateful every single moment that he's in my life.

Maybe it's sappy and sweet.  Perhaps you're gagging inside a little right now at today's blog.  But I can't help it.  I love him.  And that's why I look forward to those daily calls.  Today's was extra nice because when he called he said, "I just wanted to hear your voice." 

That's kept me smiling all day.


Tracy said...

OK, I'm seriously teary! You are so sweet and so very very blessed.

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