Friday, October 29, 2010


Halloween is, by far, one of my very favorite holidays.  Scarecrows and chocolate bars...scary movies...cooler weather...falling many things I love that happen during this time!

Today starts the Halloween extravaganza, as the entire weekend is filled with fun activities.  Tonight will be the fall festival at Noah's school.  It's chaotic and packed, kids running everywhere...there will be chili and hot dogs, games galore, a costume contest and a Haunted House.

I still have such fond memories of fall festivals at my school.  What stands out the most is the spooky, creepy tables and rooms the teachers would do.  I remember sticking my hands in gooey eyeballs and visiting the scary fortune teller.  I'm so happy that Noah has a great school filled with staff who really care about the students.  The teachers are fun and they work hard to make their years memorable and fun.

We normally participate in the school costume contest.  Being a big fan of the arts, costumes are right up my alley.  I enjoy putting my creative thinking cap on and coming up with fun costumes for the boys.  (And both of them have winning records at the contests they've been in.)  This year's costume for Noah involves Patch, our dog, so he'll have to wait until Trick-or-Treating to reveal it. ...stay tuned!

For now, I'll close with some memorable costumes through the years....

These two are among my favorites.  Noah can be so dramatic anyway so he had a lot of fun with this one.  (He was a man in a wind storm)  I wonder if his mouth got sore that year from the constant "O" shape he made!
And I loved the laundry basket year too...he was still little enough that he didn't mind to wear boxers on his head (hey, they were clean!).  He was very proud of this costume, as it won him first place at the bank's contest, because the prize included MONEY!

Last year, Noah was tickled that his Dad dressed up with him.  This was quite a step for Tim, as he only dresses in costume as an act of love for us, not because he enjoys it.  (Actually, somewhere I have a couple of interesting photos of Tim I'll have to dig out sometime!)  Anyway, he and his dad were Mario & Luigi from the game Super Mario Bros.  Noah even hid his cell phone in his overall pocket and had the theme song on repeat.  They were too cute, and even though they didn't place, Noah felt like a winner because his dad was there.


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