Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A great day in the field

For most people, if you say you've been in the field all day they assume you've been farming, especially around these parts.  If you work for ACS, or any job that requires you to cover a territory, you know it has a different meaning.  For us, it means that you are out in one of your counties and meeting with volunteers and contacts. 

In my job, and most positions here, being in the field is something you're expected to do the majority of the time.  I'm rarely in my actual office sitting behind a desk and that's one of the biggest reasons I love what I do.  My job description and what is expected from me is very specific but what I do each day always changes.  There's a lot of variety and every day can bring something new.   I'm always happiest when I'm out "in the field" and spending time with the amazing volunteers I'm so fortunate to have.

Today was a very long and exhausting day but it's a good kind of tired.  I appreciate the soreness of my feet when the ache is from a productive work day.  I know that what made the day so great is because of who I was with.  As I said before, I have amazing volunteers - and wonderful contacts in the facilities and physicians I work with.  For everyone involved we all have the same passion and that is to help those facing cancer.  (Of course our ultimate dream is finding a cure and I can honestly say I'd be elated to be unemployed if that happens....or should I say when!)

Being with positive and passionate people just builds you up and it's hard to imagine having a bad day when you're with the right group.  All day today I was greeted with smiles and encouraging feedback, and it certainly didn't hurt that my boss was with me to hear it all!  She doesn't work out of the same office as me and so I only see her about once a month.  I always enjoy my time with her though and feel lucky to have her as a supervisor.  I learn from her every time we talk and it's just great to have someone you can trust and speak freely around.  She makes me a better employee and a happier one too.

More than anything, today was just refreshing to see my efforts producing results.  The relationships I work so hard to attain, develop and grow have and are paying off.  It's so worthwhile when things just click and work out the way you'd hoped and it makes me smile.  This post may seem pretty vague and in reality there isn't even anything concrete that I can write about that was just a really great day in the field!


Anonymous said...

I love when you have such a great day!! You work so hard at EVERYthing you do, your job, of course. But you carry it all through your life. Your marriage, your parenting, your beliefs. You face each and every facet of your life the same way, determined to be, and to make it all, the best!!

I am so proud of you sweetheart, I love you very, very much.


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