Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shhhh....Be verrry, verrry, quiet...

It's probably because I'm a female but I've never really understood hunting.  I find it especially hard to think about shooting and killing a deer, which is my husband's choice of game.  Perhaps it because I think they're one of God's beautiful creatures and I could never imagine looking into those dark eyes and pulling a trigger.  Or, it could be that when I see a deer, I think Bambi and immediately go to a sing-songy happy place where skunks are named Flower and all deer have a cute little rabbit for a best friend.

I'm not a fan of the price tag that comes along with deer hunting, between the gear and ammo, and the small silo of corn we purchase prior to the season.  Nor do I understand why anyone would get up well before the sun comes out, unless of course you're leaving for vacation or scoping out deals at the nearest store.  However, I do appreciate the pockets of peaceful me time the hunting season brings and the well stocked freezer once it is over.

An unexpected joy of hunting came this afternoon.  This will be Noah's first deer season and he is beyond excited.  This past spring he completed his hunter's course with flying colors and has been counting days on the calendar ever since.  For the past several weeks he and Tim have been scoping out their spots, working on the stands, and scouting the deer tracks.  Today, I went along for the ride.

I'm waiting in the truck jamming to a cd when my phone rings and shows Noah's cute little face on the screen.  In a whisper he says, "Hey's my first time in a deer stand.  (insert pause) ....Soooo cool!"  I giggle and look towards the wood line for his bright yellow shirt.  He waves, says he loves me, and hangs up. 

A few minutes later, he's at the truck, beaming with a huge smile.  As he gets into the driver's seat and begins to back up like a seasoned pro to the next stand, he tells me all about their plans.  Plus, he adds, a woodpecker has been chipping away (a real woodpecker, Mom!) at one of their steps so they'll need to replace it this week.  He chatters away during the whole vehicle maneuver.

Moments later he's frolicking in the field back to his dad for the next step, which included a walk to the pond.  I can't believe how tall he has grown as he bounces down the hill with Tim.  I watch the two of them interacting and my heart is warmed, feeling their bond.  When Noah makes it back to the truck on the final trip, he exclaims, "That's the most awesome thing I've ever seen!  There were HUNDREDS of deer tracks!"  The whole concept is really above my head but I'm filled with joy in his excitement. 

This will be a year he always remembers, whether he sees or even shoots a deer.  I think his biggest happiness comes from spending time with his dad.  Hopefully it will become an annual tradition for them and I hope that Noah's joy carries through and fills Tim too.  I know this year will be hard on him, as hunting was an activity that will always hold memories of Austin.  In fact, last year was so difficult he never went out at all.  I know that it is Noah's persistence and enthusiasm that has sparked the interest again.  I pray that they will have a safe and memorable season they'll both treasure for a lifetime.


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