Monday, November 1, 2010

Goooo Beavers!

It's time for basketball, and although I could care less who is playing on tv, I'm so ready for the season!  I only care because of my favorite little player...#40, also known as Noah Blair.  And maybe I misspoke, as he isn't so "little" on the floor.  Actually, he's about the biggest on his team, which is why it is only natural he's great at defense.

I remember last year Tim and I were sitting near the opposing team and overheard them in a huddle.  Their coach commented about needing to break away and get open and the kid said, "I can't get open anywhere cuz of that dang #40.  He's everywhere!"  We just smiled and gave each other a mental high five.  Noah's not mean or a bully on the floor but he's aggressive. 

His size can sometimes be intimidating for some of the smaller framed kids his age.  At one game, for some odd reason, they had a tiny kid playing against him.  The kid got the ball, turned to dribble down the court and met Noah, chest on.  He looked up, visibly gulped, and froze.  Other kids have tried to use the plow defense to get past him, only to find their feet in the air a moment later.  It wasn't long into the season that we fondly nicknamed him Brickwall Blair.

He had a great season last year, his first of school ball.  Now, we're another year older and a few inches taller.  Noah's faster and more skilled with the ball and I can't wait to watch him play.  Tonight's practice was just a little teaser and I think we're in for a wonderful season.  I'll be the one in the stands, rooting for the Beavers, and of course, my fave... #40.


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