Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

From being up since before the sun and on my feet the majority of the day, this post will be short and sweet!  There are many, many blessings that I'm so grateful for today but among the best moments is waiting for me to finish.  Tim, Noah, and Patch are snuggled in the living room, movie ready, and all that is missing is me hugged up next to them.

Among my favorite moments the holiday.......

making Pilgrim hat cookies with Noah
crazy half asleep rants from checking the turkeys in the middle of the night
being in the kitchen with Tim before the rest of the world awoke
having my sister's laugh at my frantic last minute stress before everyone arrives
frantically working in the kitchen with my sisters to get everything ready on time
hearing my mom ask for the billionth time, "what can I help you do?"
watching the excitement in the kids faces when all the cousins are together
hello hugs
playing games with the family
Little Allen saying, "I wuv u berry mush"
having so much food we struggled to find a place to put it all
Noah's heartfelt and touching prayer
having the whole family gathered in a circle, giving thanks to God
Bryanna saying, "my hungry and more turkey" every 5 minutes
being able to serve Grandma Thanksgiving dinner for the first time
my sisters helping out by picking up and dropping off stranded family
Aunt Becky snoozing in the recliner in between the football game
deep.  fried.  turkey!
Noah wanting banana pudding before the dinner even started
and Noah running for banana pudding after he finished his plate
family laughter
goodbye hugs
 and all the simple and sweet moments in between


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