Sunday, November 14, 2010

Retail Therapy

I'm a picky shopper...I have to be in the mood to go, the weather needs to be nice, and it needs to be on my time frame.  I have a list and I don't dawdle or linger and spend time window shopping over things I either don't need or can't afford.  As such, I'm hesitant in shopping with others because it isn't something I can control.  On occasion, I do enjoy shopping with family, but it's because of the quality time together not because of what we're doing.  I'm also just as happy having the time to myself.

This afternoon seemed like the perfect time for a shopping trip.  I normally wait until after Thanksgiving but it's just too stressful, especially now.  Last year I tried shopping in my pjs but the slow websites, shipping charges, and the worry of the presents not arriving on time was too much.  As part of my plan to relieve as much stress from my life as possible this time of year, today was the day.

It was nice to shop at whatever store I wanted, to stroll the lanes as slowly - or quickly as I wanted, and most leave when I wanted!  I stayed on budget and marked off nearly all the kiddos on my list, plus managed to sneak a few finds for myself.  I even took the time to sit down and leisurely enjoy lunch and a cold glass of sweet tea.

And it didn't bother me at all to eat alone.  I guess it comes with age.  There was a time I wouldn't dare go out without someone else, especially to have a meal.  With my job requiring me to be on the road so much, I think it was just something I learned to do.  As much as I travel, you either get comfortable eating alone or live on fast food.  Sure, having lunch with family or friends is wonderful but it's nice to eat by yourself now and then.  It gives me time to think or to just sit and be still.  Life is busy and chaotic, and you can easily fill your head with a million worries.  Sometimes it's calming to

Today was simple, relaxing, and a bit therapeutic.  I think I'll schedule these little trips more often.  Next time, I just have to remember NOT to include trying on jeans.  ...That never ends well! 


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