Friday, November 26, 2010


There's one time a year I eagerly look forward to leftovers....the day after Thanksgiving.  Even before the last casserole was wrapped and put away last night, I was already picturing a cold turkey sandwich with mayo and cranberry sauce.  Pretty sad when you're thinking about lunch the night before!  I even asked hubby, in a somewhat still asleep mumble this morning, to bring some white bread on one of his deliveries.  I really wanted my turkey sandwich!

Of course, for breakfast today I also indulged in leftover pumpkin pie with my coffee.  I nibbled on firecrackers for a snack.  And I had dressing for dinner.  I think I ate more today in leftovers than I did at yesterday's big Thanksgiving feast!  I probably enjoyed it more today though because I could eat with my feet up, relaxing in the recliner by the fire, and watching movies.  Yesterday, I was frantically running around since before dawn trying to get everything prepared on time.

This afternoon my mom, sisters, and kiddos even came back over to enjoy more leftovers.  That's certainly a once a year event.  When else can you invite someone for day old food and they happily say yes!  By the time everyone had made their rounds there was just a smidge or two of each dish so I'd planned to toss it out.  (As yummy as the leftovers are, you can only eat on them so many times.)  However, as I'm about to throw them in the trash my sister practically jumps in front of the can to save them.  I sent them home with her laughing.  Again, who knew leftovers were so special?

But then I think, isn't that what we all are?  All sinners, none of us perfect.  Used up and influenced by the world around us, we come to God mere leftovers.  He sees the beauty inside though and by trusting in him and letting him guide the rest of our lives, we become more.  We become special and valuable, able to fulfill his purpose.  How wonderful it is to know we can meet God broken remnants, a shell of who we want to be, and he changes us.  Our leftovers become the beautiful course he had planned all along.


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