Friday, November 19, 2010

Surprise Recognition

Momma always told me, "It's better to give than receive," and it couldn't be more true.  I've always found more joy in giving to others, especially when it is a surprise.  And when it comes to recognition the same holds true, at least for me.  I enjoy planning and surprising those who deserve an award.

Today was filled with awards and surprises and it couldn't have been more fun.  This afternoon I spent a few hours with some phenomenal volunteers who donate their time to drive cancer patients to treatment.  This was the first opportunity I've had the new group together, since forming the Road to Recovery program in 2009.  At the beginning of the refresher I surprised the current drivers with certificates and gifts for their volunteer service.  All told, the volunteers were recognized for driving over 1,000 miles to take patients to and from their cancer treatments.  Pretty amazing!

I arrived home tonight long enough to catch a ten minute nap in the recliner before heading out for another awards banquet.  We told Noah a few days ago we had a dinner to go to but he had no idea why.  When we pulled into the extension office, he asked again why we were here and I told him it was some type of 4H night.  Little did he know, he was receiving an award.

Noah's enjoyed participating in 4H since last school year.  His favorite activity is Foods Club, as they meet once a month and try out new recipes (yep, he's just like his momma!).  He also went to 4H camp this past summer and participated in some day camps.  Noah was nominated to be activity director for his 4H club at school and was most proud that he was brave enough to give the speech it required to be nominated.  Most recently he was recognized with the Champion poster for his class 4H contest.

After the dinner they began to call students up and present various awards, which perked Noah's interest.  Could this be why we were here?  About half way through the program, his name was called and a big smile came upon his face.  He bounded up to the podium to receive his bronze medal, and posed with that sheepish smile he has, with the group.

Of all the presentations I saw given today and tonight, it was never the actual award that led to someone's smile.  A paper certificate, ribbon, or pin isn't what speaks to their heart.  What matters is that someone took the time to recognize their achievement or sincerely thank them for a job well done.  And I'll have to say, being on the giving end was just as sweet.


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