Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's all about Meeee!

It's not often that being startled awake at 3 am brings good news, except maybe on Christmas morning after Santa arrives.  This morning, Noah bounced into our room and loudly exclaimed, "Wakey,'s 3:04!!"  He must've set his own clock last night when he and Tim trotted off to bed early in preparation for the first day of deer season. 

Although I'd offered to wake up earlier and have breakfast ready for them, Tim said he preferred to eat a big meal when they arrived home.  So, I stayed up past midnight catching up on on my favorite shows the DVR saves for me.  As such, I wasn't prepared for the enthusiasm of my ten year old after so few hours of sleep.  He wanted me to make him a bowl of cereal, and look at his cammo, and talk to Patch who was snoozing beside me, and everything he said ended with, "on my very first day of deer hunting!"

Tim was able to coax him away, promising Mountain Dew and a treat at the convenient store.  I woke up long enough to hug him deeply as he bent down to tell me goodbye.  After a short sermon on safety to them both, they were out the door and I was back to dreamland.  I woke up several hours later when I was good and ready to start my day.

The beginning of deer season produces two full weekends of "me time" to watch movies, wear pjs all day, and cook lots of yummy food.  I don't often take the time to make a big breakfast but this time of year is the exception.  I figure the boys are going to arrive home cold and hungry and nothing warms my belly better than a fresh hot plate of biscuits and gravy.  Although much to my horror, Noah asked for his standard cereal upon coming home this morning, we sat down and enjoyed the feast together.  While it wasn't frosted sugary bits in a bowl, he did clean his plate!

As they bundled up and headed back out a few hours later, I met my friend Mr. Recliner.  This is the time when I get to relax and watch the sweet and sappy love story movies that living with boys normally doesn't allow.  I can do anything I want, or nothing at all.  So far, I've cried at a romantic tale, worked on a few projects, occasionally did a touch of housework, and enjoyed a bit of reading.  My trusty lap dog has been at my side, also enjoying the lazy pace of the day.  Who knows what I'll do in the next few minutes, much less the coming weekend.  The great thing is I have the freedom to choose for myself!  In fact, I think the kitchen is calling for me now, and so I must go off and enjoy the sizzle when an onion hits a smoky pan.


Tracy said...

What a tremendously wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

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