Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted!

It has always seemed such a privilege to me to vote and I have done so every election since I turned 18.  I'm not sure where the drive and desire to vote came from but it's something I've felt was my responsibility and right. 

I remember debating with Tim on who I was voting for in my first presidential election.  While I won't share who I voted for, and looking back I probably wouldn't vote that way now, I was very proud that I stood my ground and decided for myself.  I've always voted for the person, not the party.  And I've always voted with my head and my heart and with thoughtful prayer.

Having the freedom to vote is a huge honor, especially as a woman.  I read again this week the history of a woman's right to vote.  It is unreal what happened to those first ladies who stood up for themselves  - and for generations to come.  I'm grateful for their sacrifice and suffering so that now everyone has the ability to vote. And I cannot imagine anyone not taking the less than five minutes required to share their voice and exercise this right.

I've also always taken my children with me when I vote.  I believe that we teach by example, and in doing so, I hope that Noah will always remember our trips to city hall.  He was very interactive today, looking at the ballot as we walked in, asking questions along the way, and proud to be there with mom. 

As the lady handed us both our patriotic "I Voted" stickers upon leaving today, she commented to Noah about how he'll know to do so when he gets older.  He smiled and stated, "8 more years and I'm ready!"  My wish is that he'll always have that enthusiasm and pride on election day.


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