Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Cookies of Christmas

We're having a cookie exchange today, sort of an annual tradition.  I say it's more of a cookie buffet, as we don't bring the traditional "dozen for each person" and we end up eating most of what's there.  If we're lucky though, we'll each have a few cookies to bring home to our families.

Most years, I will whip up a couple batches of a new recipe I want to try.  These ladies are good guinea pigs!  In fact, trying new recipes is what brought me to some of my new favorite cookies to bake.  This year, I opted to go the easy route, as I've noticed most everyone else has done in past, and am bringing bakery bought.  Hey - it's still a cookie, somebody baked it, so it counts!

That brings me to my countdown #3 and a list of my 12 favorite circular delights.  I've tried to link you to a recipe (or close to mine) if they exist.  Many of my versions are handwritten in the smudgy, worn dog-eared cookbook sitting on my counter.

Not Mine
Of course homeade are the best, but I enjoy trying any cookie
and if I didn't have to slave over the oven to make them,
they're even yummier!  From the store, my picks are:
frozen thin mints, pecan sandies, shortbread

This is a new recipe I "borrowed" from my friend, Liz.
The link is above, which will take you to her  blog
(also a great read)!  They're different and oh so good!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
But I'm a picky choc chip connoisseur,
and in this case, it's basically just mine I like.
They're chewy, chocolately and the perfect size.

I don't know why but I really
only make these around Christmas.
You leave them in a warm oven overnight, hence the name!

Peanut Butter
simple, 3 ingredients, criss-crossed with a fork
Great to do with kids!

Red Velvet
my favorite cake of all time is Red Velvet (but it must be moist!)
when I happened upon these I was ever so joyful
-on the box of Duncan Hines cake mix

when I was little, my grandma made these in her school cafeteria but could never figure out how to reduce the enormous recipe for normal use. 
I stumbled upon a recipe a few years ago...happily!
I like this link because she shows pictures
 - they are time consuming but worth it!

Macadamia Nut
I'm a nut lover anyway so give me a cookie with nuts and I'll probably like it. 
What's odd is that macadamias are not my favorite nuts to just eat.  There's just something about adding it into a cookie alongside white chocolate chips.  I've never made them so I don't have a recipe.
When all else fails, there's always Subway!

Ok, I know these are not technically a cookie but they are chewy, chocolately
and you can bake them as cookies, so in my book they count!
I also like to make them as cupcakes, adding in choc or peanut butter chips.

Peanut Butter No Bakes
This is one of the few things Tim makes!
He never added cocoa, just doubled the peanut butter,
and now that's the only way I like them too.

Classic.  Chewy.  Chocked full of goodness.
These are a cookie you feel almost healthy eating.
I've never tried the recipe above but it looks good
and was recommended by other blogs.

The link above doesn't give you a recipe but a story of my memories of these sugary cookies with raisin smiles.  I have her recipe but they never come out quite like I remember.  She must've used a dash of love I just don't have!

Did your favorite cookie make the list?
Have a recipe to share?
I'd love to hear from you!


Alida said...

I love Christmas cookies...I may have to give one of these a try.

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by, Alida. There are some yummy choices!

Chef Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing on my blog hop!! You have a great collection of cookies....hopefully I can get more postings on my cookie exchange as well :-)

Heather said...

Thanks for hosting the hop...such a cute idea - electronic cookie exchange. :)

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