Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to...

....Look a lot like Christmas!  December is here and Noah's gleefully clicking our Hallmark ornament to count down the days.  Aside from our home, which is now fully decked out for Christmas, signs of the season are all around us.  For one, our calendar is booked to capacity.  Our first weekend in December is no exception, as it's kicked off the festivities and been filled to the brim.

Friday night, Noah shared his annual limo ride with Tina.  He enjoys this yearly tradition, as part of the Beaver Dam downtown Christmas.  The crowd and activity were lower than the past, probably because the parade switches locations every year and it's in a neighboring town.  This was actually helpful as we couldn't stay long, due to Noah having a ballgame, and it allowed us leave without complaints!

As our Saturday evening was full, we opted for a lazy morning, complete with a big breakfast.  We then settled down for a Christmas movie marathon.  My DVR is filled with recorded shows for the holiday now and any opportunity we have is spent snuggling by the fire watching favorites.  A few get saved for the entire season, as I'll watch them over and over.  "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," my all-time favorite cartoon and "Meet Me in St. Louis," a newly treasured movie for the holidays.  I've loved the Grinch since I was a kid and know every word by heart, which happens not to be two sizes too small!  By chance a couple years ago, I stumbled upon the latter.  I instantly feel in love with the musical, as the happy songs reminded me of ones my Grandpa McGuffin would sing.  Set in the early 40s, I also love imagining how my Grandparents looked and lived during that time.

Last night we headed out for the Christmas parade, held in Hartford this year.  This parade is at night, so sparkling lights floated down the street for our viewing pleasure.  Well, actually they moved at a snail's pace.  Even though the parade lasted an hour (5 minutes between each float!), we had time to kill before our next stop, a Christmas play, so we lingered at a local cafe for appetizers and desserts.  Walking across the street and up the steps to the Courthouse Players, we saw "Rockin around the Christmas tree." It was full of laughs, music, and Christmas spirit.  -Go see it!

Today, we'll bookend the weekend with another yearly activity - the Living Christmas Story at Green River Baptist.  Unlike a typical one manager scene nativity, this allows you to drive through a live narration, from conception to birth.  It's a story I never grow tired of hearing and seeing it acted out each year always fills my heart with the joy and wonder that is Christmas.

Even though it's been a busy weekend, and I know more are to come this month, it's a worthwhile busy.  The commitments we have are grounded by family, friends, and God.  It's a time of year we pause, even while in constant motion, to remember the reason for the season, to celebrate His birth, and to be surrounded by those we love.  It's no doubt why it's "the most wonderful time of the year!"


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