Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas of Classics

Jealous of Noah's PJ day, I decided to create my own yesterday.  As it was my last day of vacation "freedom" before the kiddos were home for the year, I made it all about me.  Utter laziness was the agenda and I did it well!  I made myself feel better about doing absolutely nothing by reminding myself how busy the next few days would be.  Really though, who needs an excuse to kick back, cuddle up and watch movies?

I've recently found a love for old movies.  Classics.  "Meet me in St. Louis," as I've shared before, is a new old favorite of mine.  Someone told me that "Christmas in Connecticut" was also good and I was happy to stumble across it the other day (it was!).  Tim questioned why I was watching a black and white movie, yet he'll slide in front of the tv anytime he comes across "Gomer Pyle" or "Car 54" episodes. 

"Gone with the Wind" was my movie of choice yesterday, having never seen it before.  Though not a black & white, it's certainly a classic.  This movie was shot in technocolor, a rarity of that time, and it was certainly beautiful.  After spending a good chunk of the day watching it, I've decided to make a new mission.  Remote in hand, I began to search other classics to record.  I figure these next two weeks, as I'm hibernating into the new year, it'll give me a great head start to marking several off the list.

Truly, I'm a little embarrassed there are so many I haven't yet seen.  As Christmas is right around the corner, I lucked out on finding a few holiday classics I've never made the time to watch, such as, "White Christmas," "Holiday Inn" and "It's a Wonderful Life."  I'm eager to check them out, soon as they pop up on my DVR.  I also found "Casablanca" and am now scouring lists of the best classics, top 100 movies, and greatest films of all times.  It seems everyone is an expert and many of the lists differ.  For now, I'm going with my gut and ones I've actually heard of but never seen. 

Help a girl out.....what movies should make my list?  What's some of your favorite classics?


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