Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: Year in Review

One of the joys of writing, for me, is the history it creates and the ability to return and relive moments.  As another year comes to a close, filled with it's share of mountains and valleys, plenty of joy and peaceful plateaus, I feel blessed.  I'm grateful for the lessons learned, the laughter shared, and the friendships formed.  2011 held surprises, opportunities and unexpected change.  Today, I'm revisiting some of those memories...

January -  My birthday gift was a dusting of frosty snow, but not enough to keep us from going out with my guys.  Impromptu trip to Lexington for work, but made the most of "me time" while there.  Noah shares my birth month and his party was fun from planning to finish.  We had a "Minute to Win It" theme, complete with countdown clock and prizes.  I'm not sure if the kids or adults enjoyed it more.  And the month was capped off by a thrilling surprise of winning a beautiful secretary, thanks to the help of my wonderful and supportive on Facebook.  Here's one of my personal favorite posts from that month:  Searching for Happiness

February - Snow, snow and more snow!  A mystery date, with tickets to a free concert, sent from a secret friend who never revealed themselves.  Valentine's Night spent in a work van.  Noah moments and puppy love.  Spring cleaning and new washer/dryer.

March - Noah's "big boy" bed - a queen, which he has nearly already outgrown!  AAU basketball.  Daffodils.  Last day of winter (aka Spring)!  New window screens.  Becoming a nun....if only for a play.
March Madness.

April - Spring Break.  Alfresco dining.  My little man's first job. Egg Salad & Sunshine.

May - Austin's Legacy.  Our first scholarship was given this month to a student who couldn't have been more deserving.  This month was filled with moments and memories of our boy, concluding with our annual fundraiser for his foundation.  Austin was shining down on us all month long.

June - sweet summertime...Drive-In movies, homeade ice cream, VBS.  Young love, group dates, first kisses.  Lake trips, boating, books on the beach and our anniversary trip.

July - Our first "tech free" trip.  Summer vacation.  More lake time, boating and fishing.  And this blog's Happy 1st birthday!

August - Casting calls.  Zumba.  Austin's memorial tree and it's amazing surprise.  A new addition to our family. 

September - 6th grade.  9/11 and my special Hero.  Festivals.  New Keds.  Fall is here!!!

October - Tweenagers.  Family Reunions.  Staycations.  The life of a leaf

November - a month of thankfulness and a Life of Thanksgiving.

December - 12 ______'s of Christmas!  PJ Day.  Christmas Classics.  A season of advent.

Of course every month of the year was also made special because of readers like you.  Thank you for not just visiting but supporting, encouraging, and inspiring me daily.  I wish for each of you a new year filled with blessings and JOY beyond your expectations!


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