Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Memories of Christmas

Christmas, such a beautiful mix of tradition, memories, promise and hope.  While children eagerly count down the days with bubbly anticipation, adults hold the reigns of time with a nostalgic grip.  I find myself a combination of both, treasuring each moment that leads up to the special day.

There's no way I could rank the memories of Christmases past or list my most favorite.  Today is just a random collection of the moments which often come to mind when I stroll down the snow white path of the holiday's memory lane.

Lifesaver Books - Santa never failed to bring a
rainbow read filled with sugary circles.

My mom talked of how special a treat it was when she was a child,
waking up to fruit-filled stockings. 
Santa continued the tradition with us,
though the fruit spilled out into boxes under our tree. 

White Christmases seemed to always greet us as we were growing up. 
My holiday breaks were filled with days spent outside
sleighing through the newly fallen fluff. 
Memories of padding ourselves with so many
clothes we could barely walk and staying out
until our noses and toes were frosty and red...
building snowmen and igloos...snowball fights...
and eating bowl fulls of snowcream.

Piling on the couch with stacks of
coloring books and crayons with Mom for hours. 
Saving the broken crayons to toss into
 the fireplace magically changing the color of the flames.

Flavors of the Season that only came once a year. 
Chex Mix...Fudge....Egg Nog...Nuts...

We did this so often as kids. 
Random houses of our parent's friends, especially during the holidays. 
You never needed to call ahead and make plans, just show up. 
There was no agenda, the television was rarely on,
and you just sat and talked. 
Miss those days!

From the boys' baby books:

Austin -
95' - What a wonderful Christmas!  You were old enough to understand this year.  Every morning you would turn the tree on and you ate almost every candy cane on it!  We took you to see lights several times and you loved it.  You also like Santa - from a distance.  You wouldn't sit with him.  You really enjoyed opening presents too.  You would tear a piece, throw it away and come back.  (my little helper!) 

99' - Your first request to Santa came on Christmas Eve.  We got a dusting of snow and somewhat of a white Christmas.  When you came downstairs Christmas morning, you said, "Wow!  I must've been really good!"  Santa left you a note thanking you for the cookies and you thought that was cool.  After the blessing at lunch,
you told us the best present you have is "Dad, Mom & Hannah"
 (I was pregnant w/Noah, who we still thought was a girl at that time!)

01' - You really questioned Santa this year.  I wondered, as we left out cookies and sprinkled reindeer dust outside if it would be your last year. 
You woke up ready to go! 
You bought both dad and me presents this year with your own money.

Noah's -
00 - Your 1st Christmas1  We woke you around 5:30.  In a short while you were ready to play with what Santa left you.  In fact, you got mad when we tried to get you to open your gifts!  You love the bows, they go straight to your head.  You are so cute to watch!

06 -   You were so inquisitive this year - and funny!  At our church celebration, your class was singing, "Mary riding on a donkey on her way to Bethlehem" but you were singing, "on her way to bake a ham!"  Then, at Nanny's you played Santa, asking everyone what they wanted.  Becky said, "peace on earth" and you replied, "Well, I'll have to tear it up if you want a piece of it!"
You said a girl in your class didn't believe in Santa.  "she said it's just your mom and dad that do it but I told her Wal-Mart isn't open that late at night!"

07 - Last entry is the hardest. I've put it off because it means you aren't a baby anymore!  This was a good Christmas.  You started counting the days in November!  You were sweet this year, saying all you wanted was for your family to be together.  I can't believe it's been nearly eight years since you came into our lives.  Your smile and sparkling eyes have brightened our world!

Precious Memories!


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