Monday, December 26, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

Last night, after the wee morning wake-up, day long feast, crafts, and celebratory chaos, we settled into our living room by the fire to relax.  Though it was only 6 pm, I could've easily went on to bed.  In fact, I'm quite sure Tim caught a few z's on the love seat in between our conversations.  The kiddos were happily sorting through their holiday stash, giggling and content with the day's events. 

After a few shows on HGTV, I scrolled through our list of recorded movies.  Several of the classics appeared but I was a little dismayed to find that all of them were over two hours long.  I wasn't sure my tired old body could hang on that long.  Something kept taking my remote to "It's a Wonderful Life" though, and although the info showed it to be three hours, I clicked play. 

Tim, snoozing, awoke to black and white on the screen.  Curious, he sat up a bit and began to watch with me.  Before long, both kids were on the floor, intrigued by the old look of the film.  Half an hour in and we were all hooked, engaged in the story of struggling man who's life never seemed to go the way he envisioned.

George reminded me very much of my husband, Tim.  A simple man who earnestly wanted to help people - just because.  But a man who dreamed of more for his family.  A man who struggled, questioned, sought for answers.  In fact, I think most anyone could relate to George's life.  Especially the moments in time that bring you to your knees, those moments that make you wonder why you're here.  What you're worth.

"Each man's life touches so many other lives."

The movie was a beautiful journey, full of laughter and tears, much like life.  And such a wonderful message, at a time of year we all are reminded of the precious gift that life is.   God showed us that with the birth of his son, the story so many of us reflected on yesterday and throughout this season.  But he also shows this with each of us.  No matter how meager our beginning, how difficult the path, we all have a purpose. Whether we're here for a brief visit, or are gifted with a long life on this earth, God's plan hopes for a Happily Ever After for all of us.

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! How could it be anything else?"


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