Friday, December 2, 2011

Never Doubt It

After a minor procedure which required anesthesia, and a long day due to a late night ballgame, I was more than ready for bed by the time my weary body made it there.  I pretty much instantly fell asleep, even though I vaguely remember my hubby attempting to carry on our nightly pillow talk.  Sometime through the night however, I woke up to find our feet connected.  Each foot criss-crossed, one on top of the other, sandwiched together like a puzzle. 

Tim and I sleep much like a pretzel, wrapped and twisted around each other, one holding the other.  What I've always found neat is how our feet fit together.  It's as if they were made to be joined, much like we feel about our marriage.  Who would have guessed all those years ago, playing "footsie" under the table while dating, we'd end up here.  ....Actually, we did.

There's so many coincidences, unexplainable connections that solidify our feelings we were meant to be together.  We don't just complete each other's sentences but often will know what the other is about to say before we even open our mouth.  When this happens, one of us will say, "never doubt it," meaning we know we're made for each other.  Frequently, we end up saying it simultaneously, resulting in wink, hug or laugh.

And as our feet linked last night, I heard Tim whisper those words again, still half asleep.  Not just the words but the significance of "Never Doubt It" rocked me back to sleep, blissfully secure and loved.

A portion of your soul has been entwined with mine.
A gentle kind of togetherness, while separate we stand.
As two trees deeply rooted in separate plots of ground,
while their topmost branches come together,
forming a miracle of lace against the heavens.


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