Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Mistakes of Christmas

Settling in with a cup of coffee, intent on reviewing my "12 days," I noticed a very big and obvious mistake.  Could it be?  I counted once, twice, oh goodness me!  Ooops!  I messed up.  How embarrassing to have only 11 posts on a 12 day countdown!  I'm not sure where I went wrong but in an effort to make this wrong a right, I'm adding the 12th, unexpected, mishap of a post.  Don't chuckle too loudly at me!

After a quick google search, I learned that many mistakes can be made at Christmas and I'm not the only one who is far from perfect.  The first six are mistakes to avoid and the last are movie mistakes.....See if you catch them the next time you watch one.  Enjoy!

Present Predicament
Gift tags fall off, even with the best taping jobs. 
To keep my sanity, and prevent mishaps like
the "guitar fiasco" I now leave little codes. 
In a Sharpie, I write on the bottom of the
gift the name or a * if it's not something they can
open without my attention.  I also use the
same wrapping paper for one person so
 it's easy to find and sort when
presents and ribbons are flying through the air.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
It's easy to get caught up in the
hype of the holiday and forget about the
true reason for the season. 
Be sure to set aside time to reflect
on the meaning of the day, start a tradition
 that's focused on Him, like reading the story
 of the birth of Jesus, or even giving to a
 family in need in lieu of extra gifts for yours.

Don't forget the batteries!
Nothing is worse than a disappointed kid
who can't use whatever toy they've just opened
because of forgotten batteries. 
I've wrapped mine before on top
as a "bow" to be sure they're included.

The gift that keeps on giving?
Just say thank you and find a use for it,
even if it's not what you wished for. 
Of course, it would be okay to donate
to someone in need or to use at
next year's Dirty Santa exchange!

Check it Twice
Ok, so I should take my own advice (on counting at least!). 
But a shopping list is never more important
than this time of year.  It's easy to forget who've
you've bought for - or better yet, how much you've spent. 
 I keep a spreadsheet (password protected!) so that it
tallies what I want to budget and deducts what I have left. 

Better Watch Out!
Last minute shopping is hectic (and costly)! 
Even waiting until Thanksgiving weekend,
only leaves you a few short weeks to finish your list. 
I always say I'll start early and never do
but at least I'm not a Christmas Eve shopper. 
I do catch the clearance toys in January,
which become my present bin for the year. 
 Last minute party invite? 
School request? 
My cabinet can meet the need!

- - - - - -
Home Alone
The morning the McCallister's are rushing to get to the airport, the kid from across the street is bothering one of the van drivers. In the scene where the van driver says, 'Gee, kid I dunno, hit the road,' you can clearly see the kid mouthing the words as the man speaks.

A Christmas Story
When Raphie's mother is working on the turkey on Christmas morning, there is a jar of pickles on the table next to the turkey. In the next scene the mother is coming up from the basement carrying a jar of pickles and places them on the table in the same place.

The Santa Clause
Near the beginning, Scott and Charlie are flying in the sleigh down a road next to a truck. During the entire scene, the truck driver is constantly jerking the wheel to the right and left yet the truck remains in a perfectly straight course.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
At one point when Clark is flying down the hill through snow drifts on his saucer sled after greasing it up you can see the guide wire pulling the sled.

Christmas with the Kranks
The tanning booth attendant changes clothes while looking for a band aid.

Surviving Christmas
When James Gandolfini hits Ben Affleck over the head with the shovel, for burning something in his front yard, he falls, but his head never hits the ground. You can actually see Ben Affleck holding his head up a few inches off the ground. An impossible feat for someone who is supposed to be unconscious.


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