Monday, January 31, 2011

And the winner is.....

I think I must've been born with a competitive streak that has only grown stronger now that I'm an adult.  As a kid, unless you're into sports, there really isn't a lot to compete over.  And lets just face it, since avid reading wasn't a school sport, there was no hope for me.  Sure, I had collections of Cabbage Patch dolls, Poochie, and hundreds upon hundreds of stickers, but really, that doesn't get you bragging rights. 

As I grew older, I learned that games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and Scrabble were fun and good competition so you could always count me in for game night.  If there was a poetry contest at school, I was on it quicker than you could sharpen a pencil.  Spirit Day?  You betcha.  I'd be dolled out head to toe in blue and white, glitter, pjs, or whatever the theme was. 

Dare me to do something, probably will.  Tell me I CAN'T do it - I'm gonna prove you wrong.  And it could be something stupid, like wearing a clown nose and ordering drive-thru, to something serious like getting married/having a baby/and graduating college all within a year of each other.

Contests - sign me up!  I love, love, love winning contests.  I mean really, who doesn't like free stuff or recognition?  If there's a contest at work, I'm all over it.  A little friendly competition gets people fired up and excited about whatever it is you're wanting them to achieve.  And if the game is played fair, I'll tip my hat and applaud whoever wins, even if it's not me.  There's a running joke in my office that I have a "china set" collection of awards though.  After a point, there's only so many bowls and paperweights you can have, so to be useful, they suggested I eat cereal out them.

As for everyday contests, I can't say I've ever won anything huge; but heck, anytime you win something free, it's a good day.  My husband is really good at random, pure luck contests, like the free flat screen tv he won at a company party one year.  I prefer the type you actually have to work at though, whether it be an essay, or calling in, or getting the most votes.  It takes effort so the reward is even sweeter if you win.

A few weeks ago, we were bed shopping for Noah and happened upon a local consignment store.  They also sell new furniture and a certain piece caught me eye.  I've been looking forever for a stand for our television but am too cheap to pay the price for what I want.  (It probably has something to do with the fact that I didn't want to spend more on the stand than the tv, especially considering it was free.)  So, we made due with a cheap stand from Freds.  That day, she had just gotten in a heavy oak stand but it was damaged in transit.  The scratch was minor and you really have to be looking for it to see it.  The dent is in the back and would be up against a wall, never seen.  She offered it "scratch and dent" price at about 80% off retail and I quickly said, "Sold!"

After getting home, I went to the store's Facebook page and commented about loving the piece.  It was then I remembered they were running a contest to give away a free secretary.  I've always wanted a roll-top desk, probably the writer in me.  I can just picture myself sitting there, inspired, writing my someday future novel.  I followed the directions, pleaded with my friends, and waited.  Within 24 hours, I noticed I was taking the lead!  And so all weekend I've worked to get votes and keep my lead.  This morning, the store sent a reminder email and I realized my competition was gaining on me.  I'd jump four or five, she'd jump four or five.  Now, there's a little over an hour away until the contest closes and I'm literally on the edge of my seat awaiting the results.  Wish me luck!  .....oh, and get out there and vote me, if there's still time!


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