Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Party Planning

I should've grown up to be a party planner, or a travel agent (another post, another day).  While I don't love cleaning before or after hosting a party, I love the planning stage!  My favorite to plan are kid's birthday parties and since Noah's is just around the corner I've been working away.

He's had many different parties through the years, some at home, some elsewhere, but all involve some type of theme and yummy food.  One year, he had a sundae party, with a huge topping bar for the kids to dig into.  Last year he had a "Soup-er" party with a buffet of all our favorite soups and we repeated a favorite theme of "Game Day" from a couple years prior.  For the Game Day party, each table held a different board game, video games were set up in the back, and yard games in another room.  It was game day central and it was so much fun, it sparked our annual family game day we try to do at least once a year now.

This year, the theme will be "Minute 2 Win It" from the popular game show.  If you've never seen it, the basic idea is to complete a series of contests in one minute or less, each getting harder than the last.  The neat thing is that every task can be recreated at home with every day items like wrapping paper tubes, ping pong balls or a deck of cards.  I've been downloading some of the best (and funniest) contests and will display them on the wall with a projector at the party.  When a kid completes the challenge successfully, their name will go in the hat and we'll draw for prizes.

I'm so excited that I find myself counting down the days until his party.  The hard part I'm having is figuring how I'll play game show host, IT tech lady, and juggle taking photos but I guess that's what my family is for!  Whatever hat I end up wearing that day, I know I'll wear a smile upon my face because Noah gets to have a special day - and I hope enjoying every "minute" of it!


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